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"ld --verbose" omits SECTIONS-to-PHDRS mapping


Re: interferes with archive-member rules

24k errata fixes

Re: [3/3] Spelling fixes

[alpha] allow local-exec tls in PIE images

Re: [ARM] signed zero

[binutils 2.21]: ld.exe: unrecognized option '-plugin'

Re: [Bug ld/12565] NOLOAD sections empty

[committed/vms] Update bfd/makefile.vms

[committed/vms] Update vms makefile for binutils

[committed] Add {gpr,fpr}_{read,write}_mask functions to MIPS

[committed] Break up MIPS append_insn

[committed] Fix bogus goto in MIPS append_insn

[committed] MIPS hazards at the end of a file

[committed] PR gas/12915: MIPS prev_nop_frag assert

[committed] trailing spaces in bfd/elfnn-ia64.c

[committed] Tweak tracking of MIPS branch history

[committed] Update insn_mo when converting to a MIPS16e compact jump

[gas] Label inside macro

[gold patch trivial] Fix incremental_test_4 to not run out of patch space

[gold patch] Add tests for --detect-odr-violations with compressed debug sections

[gold patch] Fix incremental linking when input files have compressed debug sections

Re: [gold patch] Incremental 17/22: COPY relocations

Re: [gold patch] Incremental 18/22: Linker-defined (common) symbols

Re: [gold patch] Incremental 19/22: Add testcases for COPY relocs and COMMON symbols

Re: [gold patch] Incremental 20/22: Fix problem caused by realignment of data segment

Re: [gold patch] Incremental 21/22: Return exit status 2 for fallback to --incremental-full

[gold patch] Incremental 22/25: Add patch space and --incremental-patch option

[gold patch] Incremental 23/25: Print old and new command lines when different

[gold patch] Incremental 24/25: Fix bugs with changed archives and files included from scripts

[gold patch] Incremental 25/25: Add --incremental-startup-unchanged option

[gold patch] Incremental 26/26: Fix problem with hidden/internal symbols

[gold patch] PR gold/12163: Don't load same archive twice as a whole archive

[obv] Initialize plt_eh_frame

[opcodes] bfd_flavour

[Patch ARM] Allow R_ARM_TLS_LE32 in PIE Executables.

[patch gas] LDRD warnings for unpredictable behaviour.

[patch obvious] Fix bug in readelf --debug-dump=gdb_index

[PATCH/ARM] To fix vcvt bug.


[PATCH] Add DW_OP_GNU_parameter_ref support and DW_OP_GNU_{convert,reinterpret} <0> support

Re: [PATCH] ARM: gas not detecting invalid operands for Thumb2 ADD{S} and SUB{S}

[patch] bfd/elfxx-target.h and rx: multi-targets ?

[PATCH] Fix build error on mips-irix (missing match_priority)

[Patch] Fix xcoff relocation adjustment in gas

Re: [PATCH] MIPS/GAS: Fix DWARF-2 with branch swapping for MIPS16 code

[Patch] objdump/xcoff: allow missing string table length

[PATCH] opcodes: blackfin: fix style

[PATCH] Unwind info for PLT on i?86/x86_64

[patch]: handle ppc-xcoff in bfd_get_sign_extend_vma

[Patch]: Create include/mach-o/loader.h

[Patch]: gas/config/tc-i386.c: convert to ISO-C

[PATCH][GOLD] Do not skip empty text section when doing ARM EXIDX fixup.

[PATCH][GOLD] Fix bug in handling ARM arch attribute

[PATCH][GOLD] Fix overflow check in R_ARM_THM_JUMP11 and R_ARM_THM_JUMP8.

[RFA] change bfd_mmap API

Re: [rfc/rfa] VFP/NEON register set support for ARM core files

[RFC] alpha-elf vs copy_indirect_symbol

[SH] Allow R_SH_TLS_LE_32 for PIE

[vms/committed] add Elf64_External_VMS_ORIG_DYN_Note in include/elf/ia64.h

[vms/committed] bfd/vms-alpha.c don't crash if relocs in absolute section

[vms/committed]: cleanup in gas/config/evax-obj.[ch]

[vms/committed]: do not generate dummy fixes in gas/config/tc-alpha.c

[vms/committed]: Fix memory leak in tc-alpha.c

[vms/committed]: fix PR 11625 by reporting the issue instead of aborting

[vms/committed]: Fix vms date display

[vms/committed]: Remove alpha_evax_proc_hash in gas/config/tc-alpha.c

[vms/committed]: remove useless variable in gas/config/tc-alpha.c

[vms/committed]: simplification in _bfd_vms_write_etir

[vms/committed]: simplify gas/config/tc-alpha.c: add_to_link_pool

[vms/committed]: Write linkage index from relocs

about relocation of split symbols

ARM ELF p_paddr is not put to zero

Re: ARM pc-relative loads



Re: Binutils

C6X: Keep OS/ABI when running strip

Can local symbols be used to define basic block boundary

Commit: Add eelf32am33lin.c to ld/

Commit: Add missing initialization of match_priority field.

Commit: Add support for Tile architecutres to

Commit: Do not run broken linker script test for lm32, moxie or v850 targets

Commit: elf_find_function: Fail if not provided with a symbol table.

Commit: Fix test for .dynstr section

Commit: Improve readelf's display of unknown section types

Commit: LD: Accept any V850 architecture.

Commit: Mention Tilera support in NEWS

Commit: Score: Fix GAS compile-time warnings

Commit: Tile{pro/gx}: Delete unused local variables

Commit: XStormy16: Add GAS documentation

Cortex-R5 support

CR16 port :: relocation truncated to fit: R_CR16_IMM32

Dollar local labels

Dynamic loading of two libraries in linux

A few questions on shared libraries: recursion, relative paths & duplicate names.

Fix ld/12928 -- alpha tlsldm relaxation error

gas not accepting clang exceptions on powerpc

gold patch committed: Accept M/m/K/k for integers

gold patch committed: Clean up FreeBSD handling

gold patch committed: Code cleanup

gold patch committed: Correct handling of writable .eh_frame section

gold patch committed: Don't add undefined symbols to dynsym

gold patch committed: Don't crash with -s -r

gold patch committed: Don't create DT_FLAGS if not needed

gold patch committed: Don't error on same redefinition

gold patch committed: Don't set DT_TEXTREL because of non load segment

gold patch committed: Don't warn about reloc to warning in same object

gold patch committed: Fix .eh_frame sections when using plugins

gold patch committed: Fix handling of odd PHDRS clauses

gold patch committed: For -r force orphan sections to address 0

gold patch committed: Handle SHT_X86_64_UNWIND

gold patch committed: Improve x86_64 non-PIC warnings

gold patch committed: Keep warning sections with --shared

gold patch committed: More adjustments to .interp

gold patch committed: More support for -m option

gold patch committed: Output correct version information with -r

gold patch committed: Put .ctors in .init_array

gold patch committed: Put .interp section in PT_INTERP segment

gold patch committed: Reverse .ctors in .init_array

Re: gold work on mingw/mingw64 support

ld "undefined reference" shows wrong line number

ld --print-output-format switch

Re: ld exclusion of *default* memory address mapping

ld-elfvers tests

linker relaxation

lto and tls symbols

make clean does not remove

MIPS stubs in Gold

new port for TILEPro and TILE-Gx processors (bfd files)

new port for TILEPro and TILE-Gx processors (binutils files)

new port for TILEPro and TILE-Gx processors (gas files)

new port for TILEPro and TILE-Gx processors (include files)

new port for TILEPro and TILE-Gx processors (ld files)

new port for TILEPro and TILE-Gx processors (opcodes files)

new port for TILEPro and TILE-Gx processors (toplevel files)

Re: Patch for objcopy

PATCH: Allow building x32 DSO from x86-64 object file

PATCH: Fix GCC 4.6 warnings

PATCH: Fix misc x32 issues

PATCH: Fix xorx in BMI2

Re: PATCH: PR ld/12730: regression] crash when allocating in a static constructor

PATCH: PR ld/12842: Linker is broken

PATCH: PR ld/12851: --gc-sections doesn't work on note sections

PATCH: Properly define elf_backend_post_process_headers

PATCH: Re-indent prefix_table

PATCH: Support AVX Programming Reference (June, 2011)

PATCH: Support x32 core dump

PATCH: Support x32 gcore

PATCH: Update lzcnt testcases

Re: PATCH: Warn relocation in readonly section in a shared object

patches that could interest you

PING Re: [RFA] Linker script extension SECTION_FLAGS

Re: Plugin interfaces to do Pettis Hansen style code layout in the gold linker.

possible typo in ld manual

PR 12887, invalid .eh_frame ld segfault


Profile feedback build for binutils

Regressions with "bfd_arch_get_compatible"

Release 2.21.1

RFA: dwarf-mode.el -vs- ~

RFC: Unwind info for PLT


symbol size as function size

TARGET undefined in bucomm.c

Re: Thumb interworking on untyped symbols

What should I do to make binutils support PIC code?

XLR Linux/MIPS kernel build error

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