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"ld --verbose" omits SECTIONS-to-PHDRS mapping

"ld --verbose" should display the linker script being used.
However, the output omits the PHDRS paragraph and the mapping from
SECTIONS to PHDRS.  Thus the output lacks much necessary information,
and adapting the script for specific use requires a lot of work.
For instance, adding another PT_LOAD with designated SECTIONS
requires editing many existing SECTIONS lines that are unrelated
to the addition.

For example, in the specific case of "-m elf_i386" then the output
omits something like
       headers  PT_PHDR   PHDRS ;
       interp   PT_INTERP ;
       text     PT_LOAD   FILEHDR  PHDRS  FLAGS ( 5 ) ;
       data     PT_LOAD  FLAGS ( 6 ) ;
       dynamic  PT_DYNAMIC ;
       note     PT_NOTE ;
       eh_frame PT_GNU_EH_FRAME  FLAGS ( 4 ) ;
       gnu_stack PT_GNU_STACK  FLAGS ( 6 );
and the SECTIONS lines have only:
  .interp         : { *(.interp) }
but instead should say:
  .interp         : { *(.interp) } :interp :text

Also, the output of "ld --verbose" is not even a valid script.
The header and trailer lines (marked with a long string of
equal signs "====================") should be enclosed in comment
delimiters "/* ... */".

Who can help me fix this?


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