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Re: PING Re: [RFA] Linker script extension SECTION_FLAGS

Hi Catherine,

Thanks for the patch review. I've developed a new patch that addresses
the comments that both you and Tristan made regarding the original
patch. I've now associated the INPUT_SECTION_FLAGS with the input
section specifications instead of the output sectionas you and others
suggested. I've tested arm-coff, mips-elf and ppc-elf. What do you
think? Is this okay to commit?

I like this patch, but I am afraid that I cannot approve it yet. There are still several problems that need to be addressed:

* You did not test building a toolchain configured with "--enable-targets=all --enable-64-bit-bfd". There were several targets that did not build because they did not define an appropriate xxx_bfd_lookup_section_flags macro.

* The new linker tests fail for targets that do not support the INPUT_SECTION_FLAGS feature. (Ie the ones that use bfd_generic_lookup_section_flags).

* The ld.patch file contained the new linker tests, so the ld-test.patch file could not be applied afterwards.

* The code did not check for contradictory input section flags, eg:


* There was no mention of this new feature in the ld/NEWS file.

* You have not provided a patch for GOLD. I would like to keep the two linkers in sync, at least as far as features go.

I hope that you will be willing to resolve these issues and submit a revised patch.


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