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Re: "ld --verbose" omits SECTIONS-to-PHDRS mapping

On 06/13/2011 01:50 PM, Ian Lance Taylor wrote:
> John Reiser <> writes:
>> That's my point: the default linker script (for any output format
>> that generates ElfXX_Phdr) always should contain a PHDRS paragraph.
> I just want to note that gold does not use a default linker script at
> all, because a default linker script slows down the linker with no
> benefit to 99.9% of linker users.  Extending ld's default linker script
> to include PHDRS information, rather than representing it
> algorithmically as is done today, would be another way of slowing down
> ld with no benefit to 99.9% of users.

Correcting that last line for you:
... ld with no _direct_ benefit to 99.9% of users.

A major part of the _indirect_ benefit to all users of having a default
linker script is forcing the creation and maintenance of documentation
that matches what the algorithm actually _is_.

Nick's message "Commit: Fix test for .dynstr section" of 2011-06-10
was because of a bug I encountered while trying to figure out what
the PHDRS section should be.  I believe that the cause of the bug
was poor documentation of what the algorithm is.


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