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[gold patch] Add tests for --detect-odr-violations with compressed debug sections

This patch adds tests for --detect-odr-violations with compressed
debug sections, as generated by -Wa,--compress-debug-sections.

I'm not happy with this particular part of the patch to
testsuite/, though:

+gcctestdir/as: $(TEST_AS)
+	test -d gcctestdir || mkdir -p gcctestdir
+	rm -f gcctestdir/as
+	(cd gcctestdir && $(LN_S) ../../../gas/as-new as)

I need to use the in-tree assembler to compile with
-Wa,--compress-debug-sections, since I don't believe we can count on
support for that assembler option in all configurations. What's the
best way to refer to the assembler in this context? I could have used
"../$(TEST_AS)", but that assumes that $(top_builddir) is always
relative -- is it?

Also, I run the compressed debug tests only if HAVE_ZLIB is set, so in
testsuite/, I test for the presence of
debug_msg_cdebug.err. Would it be better to just factor those out into
a separate test script?


	* testsuite/ Add in-tree assembler to gcctestdir.
	(debug_msg_cdebug.o, odr_violation1_cdebug.o, odr_violation2_cdebug.o)
	(debug_msg_cdebug.err): New targets.
	* testsuite/ Regenerate.
	* testsuite/ Check output of link with compressed debug.
	Fix checks for link with shared library.

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