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Re: PING Re: [RFA] Linker script extension SECTION_FLAGS

Tristan Gingold <> writes:

> On Jun 28, 2011, at 1:37 PM, Nick Clifton wrote:
>> Hi Catherine,
>>> Thanks for the patch review. I've developed a new patch that addresses
>>> the comments that both you and Tristan made regarding the original
>>> patch. I've now associated the INPUT_SECTION_FLAGS with the input
>>> section specifications instead of the output sectionas you and others
>>> suggested. I've tested arm-coff, mips-elf and ppc-elf. What do you
>>> think? Is this okay to commit?
> [...]
>>  * You have not provided a patch for GOLD.  I would like to keep the two linkers in sync, at least as far as features go.
> Should we really require that ?  I think that this is asking too much.  There are some interesting features in gold (such as ICF)
> that aren't in ld; so they are already not in sync.

Yeah, I agree.  I would very much like gold to be in sync, but I don't
think we can reasonably request it of patch writers.  Gold does not yet
support all the linker script features of GNU ld; e.g.,
DATA_SEGMENT_RELRO_END is not correctly supported (gold implements relro
directly rather than via linker script shenanigans).


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