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Re: "ld --verbose" omits SECTIONS-to-PHDRS mapping

Hi John,

"ld --verbose" should display the linker script being used.

It does.

However, the output omits the PHDRS paragraph and the mapping from

Not according to the tests that I ran. Can you provide an example that demonstrates the problem ? Plus - which version of the linker are you using ? If it is not one built from the current head of the mainline sources then this might be the source of your problem.

Also, the output of "ld --verbose" is not even a valid script.

Nor should it be. The output of --verbose is more than just a linker script. It is also version information, a list of the supported emulations and, if you are performing an actual link, a lot of output describing what the linker is doing.

The header and trailer lines (marked with a long string of
equal signs "====================") should be enclosed in comment
delimiters "/* ... */".

No they shouldn't. If you really want to just see the linker script and nothing else then run the output through a filter. Eg:

ld --verbose | gawk -- "/===/ { show = 1 - show } ; /*/ { if (show) print }"

Who can help me fix this?

Well I can, but so can you. Anyone is free to work on the binutils sources, and everyone who does so is encouraged to submit their work back to the project so that other people can benefit as well.

Cheers Nick

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