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Commitment to Free Software

Sourceware is a Free Software hosting project for core toolchain and developer tools. Sourceware is maintained by volunteers. Hardware and bandwidth is provided by sponsors. The hosted projects themselves are independent.

It is our goal to offer a worry-free, friendly home for Free Software projects.

Sourceware organization

Sourceware is run by volunteers who can be contacted on the public mailinglist [inbox].

Or file an issue in the Sourceware Infrastructure bugzilla component.

There is also an irc channel #overseers on Overseers Open Office hours take place in the same irc channel every second Friday of the month at UTC 16:00.

Most projects hosted on Sourceware have their own admins managing project specific resources.

For issues with your sourceware, cygwin, gcc, account, please contact the private mailinglist

Sourceware is a Software Freedom Conservancy member project. Conservancy is a not-for-profit organization that provides Sourceware financial and administrative assistance, handling (US) tax-deductible, earmarked donations, asset stewardship, contract negotiation and execution, basic legal advice and services, fundraising assistance, leadership mentoring, advice and guidance. Conservancy handles all non-profit administrivia for Sourceware.

Sourceware interacts with Conservancy through the Sourceware Project Leadership Committee, currently composed of the following members:

  • Frank Ch. Eigler
  • Christopher Faylor
  • Ian Kelling
  • Ian Lance Taylor
  • Tom Tromey
  • Jon Turney
  • Mark J. Wielaard
  • Elena Zannoni
These individuals participate in their own capacity and the Fiscal Sponsorship Agreement between Conservancy and the Sourceware PLC states that there cannot be a majority of people affiliated with the same organization (max two members can be employed by the same entity at once). Conflict of Interest Policy.

To support the Software Freedom Conservancy, please become a sustainer. You can also donate directly to Sourceware.

Free Infrastructure Services

Free Software needs Free Infrastructure. Towards that goal, standard services we provide are:
  • websites backed by git, possible on separate domains
  • mailing lists using mailman and public-inbox
  • git hosting using gitweb and cgit, optionally using gitolite
  • automation through cronjobs and/or git hooks
  • bug tracking using bugzilla
  • patch tracking via patchwork
  • integration testing using buildbot
  • wikis using moinmoin
  • releases, including ftp, rsync and mirrors.
  • automated source and documentation snapshots
  • others - just ask!

Sponsors and thanks

The following individuals, corporations and organisations provide hardware, bandwidth and services to Sourceware:

2019 commemorative plaque
(2019 commemorative plaque, png)