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  • All of the messages you send to these mailing lists will be archived. If you include sensitive information in your message it will be viewable by anyone. That includes email addresses, phone numbers, addresses, etc.

    Site policy is to not edit the archives except, possibly to remove viruses. This means that your information will be viewable by posterity, so be careful.

  • Please do not include or reference confidentiality notices, like:

      The referring document contains privileged and confidential information. If you are not the intended recipient you must not disseminate, copy or take any action in reliance on it, and we request that you notify companyname immediately.

    Such disclaimers are inappropriate for mail sent to public lists. See below for details.

This site hosts mailing lists for,, and mailing list FAQs
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"Jane! Get me off this crazy list!"
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"Grrrrr... Your mailing list software is SO stupid."

  1. Hey! What are my email address/phone number/social security number/dental records doing on your web site???
  2. Unsubscribing
  3. Unsubscribing problems
  4. What is a digest?
  5. How can I switch my subscription to a digest one?
  6. I can't post because your spam software won't let me, and I want to tell you how unhappy I am
  7. What software are you using to do all these amazing things?

  • Hey! What are my email address/phone number/social security number/dental records doing on your web site???
  • So, you've discovered the fact that the mailing lists are archived, eh? That's a common internet practice. Where have you been?

    If you sent email to a mailing list and put your email address in clear text, it will show up in the archives that way. Ditto for your phone number, social security number, and dental records.

    In fact, not only will this information show up on this web site, it will be archived on other sites around the web, too. So, there's little you can do once you've sent this information out over the vast tubes of the internets.

    We do not normally edit the content of the archives except to remove viruses. So, if you do not want something read by vast numbers of people do not hit the send key.

  • Unsubscribing
  • First of all, always use the automated unsubscription mechanism available by clicking on one of the mailing list links above referenced above for,, and This is the most reliable way to unsubscribe since none of us wants to do work that can be easily handled by computers.

    If you can't find what you want in the those lists, the List-Unsubscribe and Delivered-To fields in the header of messages provide you with the information needed for unsubscribing, e.g:

    List-Unsubscribe: <>,
    Again, the easiest unsubscribe method is to visit the web page associated with the mailing list as seen above, enter the name given in Delivered-To, and click Unsubscribe.

    Alteratively, you can send email to the list server using the address given in the mailto: above, making sure that your From matches the Delivered-To field in the header since that how the mailing list identifies you. Remember that your message is being interpreted by a computer not by a person so please use a empty content in your message to reduce the risk of your unsubscribe attempt being interpreted as spam.

    Your reply will be either a message asking you to confirm that you want to unsubscribe, or an error saying "That address is not subscribed" with a help message on how to use the mailing list commands. If you received the confirmation message, then confirm your unsubscription. If you got the help message, then likely you used an email address other than the one found in the Delivered-To mentioned above.

  • Unsubscribing problems
  • Assuming the automated mechanisms are not working for you and you've tried to unsubscribe any address you might be subscribed under, you should contact the owner of your mailing list. If you're on a mailing list called somelist, send a note to

    Include the Delivered-To information from the Unsubscribing in your email.

  • What is a digest?
  • For a mailing list that is very high volume (20-30 notes a day), a digest version of that list can be very convenient. When you are on the digest version, you will get a single mail note once a day (or once every 30 messages--which ever comes first) that contains all of the traffic to that mailing list that day.

    Digests are less useful on low volume lists (such as most of the announcement lists, which may have one note sent to them per month).

  • I can't post because your spam software won't let me, and I want to tell you how unhappy I am
  • We use a combination of a custom filter, spamassassin and ClamAV (for virus scanning) to control the flow of idiot junk email to our mailing lists. As of this writing, the vast majority of email to this site is spam. Isn't that a sad state of affairs?

    While our filters may cause an occasional problem with well-meaning email, in general there are few cases of the filters returning a "false positive" (or is it actually a "false negative"?).

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