The Mauve Project
The Mauve Project is a collaborative effort to write a free test suite for the Java™ class libraries. The current collaborators come from the Kaffe project, the GNU Classpath project, and the GCJ project.

Mauve now incorporates the excellent Jacks compiler test suite. You can find it in the "jacks" CVS module.

There are currently four mailing lists associated with the project:

Low-volume list used for official announcements. Moderated.
General list for discussing the test suite.
List for test suite patch submission.
Messages from cvs commits are sent to this list.

To subscribe to a list FOO, send email to If you want to subscribe a different account than the one you are sending from, send email to In this case you'll be asked to confirm the subscription.

If you'd like to subscribe to the mauve-announce mailing list, enter your e-mail address in the box below and hit the button:

The Mauve sources are available to download in various formats.

You can view the CVS archive via cvsweb.

Questions? Send them to!