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Re: Files transfer question

Hi David,

Thanks for your response.

My requirement is only for files transfer betwenn WinXP and "cygwin" not via another software. Before I made use of Samba to do the job. Currently I make use of Internet to help me, dispatching the file as attachment to an email from WinXP to myself and download it on Linux and vice versa. The max size of file allowed is 10MB. It is quite sufficient for me. But I am looking for some other alternatives, if possible.

At 09:40 AM 2002/9/17 +0200, David Fraser wrote:
- snip -
On the other hand you may not have rights to set up such stuff on the
LTSP server. Then what you could use
is a once-off copy between the machines. For this you could use a huge
number of different tools. I would recommend
using scp (secure copy) which is available in cygwin from the openssh
package or in linux. You can also set it up to
automatically authenticate using public keys so you don't have to enter
the password each time. Example syntax:
(from cygwin)  scp ./mycopy.xls
You probably want to set up the sshd server as a service if you want to
do it the otherway round
(from linux)   scp ~/officedocument.xls
Other tools you could use include ftp etc
I will take a look on 'scp'. Is it on "" website? But I could not find this package there. What is the correct name of this package?



In any case the cygwin-xfree list isn't raelly the place for this question, maybe the standard cygwin list if this doesn't solve the problem.

>> -----Original Message-----
>> From: Stephen Liu [] Sent: Monday,
>> September 16, 2002 9:30 AM
>> To:
>> Subject: Files transfer question
>> Hi All Folks,
>> I have "cygwin" running on WinXP which is connected to LTSP server.
>> How can I transfer files between them. To make it more specific :-
>> If I have a document created on OpenOffice how can I transfer it to
>> WinXP Office.
>> Thanks in advance.
>> Stephen Liu

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