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Re: Files transfer question

On Tue, 17 Sep 2002, Stephen Liu wrote:

> My requirement is only for files transfer betwenn WinXP and "cygwin" not 
> via another software.  

On one host? Copy it through the filesystem. /cygdrive/x/ maps to drive x.
If you still have problems with unix/dos lineendings, recode can solve these.

Between hosts? Use the Windows networking (SMB). You can acces the network
paths via //server/share/filepath

> Before I made use of Samba to do the job.  Currently 
> I make use of Internet to help me, dispatching the file as attachment to an 
> email from WinXP to myself and download it on Linux and vice versa.  The 
> max size of file allowed is 10MB.  It is quite sufficient for me.  But I am 
> looking for some other alternatives, if possible.

If the hosts are in not connected via a windows network, the scp program (from 
openssh) was already mentioned. 

Stripped cc to cygwin-xfree, since this is not a xfree problem 
--           ICQ: 126018723

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