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Setup Hangs during "Install from Local Directory"

Hi list--

As the title says, while running setup and selecting "Install from Local Directory", the installation gets so far and then will hang up.  The program appears responsive (in that you can move the window, it repaints, and responds to cancel) but the install progress stops.  The task manager shows high CPU usage and constantly increasing memory usage (at least 90Megs) which eventually will eat all available memory.

I am running Windows NT4 SP6a.

I have tried selecting various install types and combinations of packages, but all except for when I tried single packages have failed, but not at a consistent point and not on the same package or file.

When I press Cancel, I get two access violations.  Nothing is written to setup.log.

I have tried with the files on a network drive, and on CD.  Up until now, I have been running the setup program from a network drive with no problems.

Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

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