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Requesting a cool down period.

As a GNU project maintainer for the GNU C Library, I would like
to request a cool down period in discussions relating to the
abort() warning cartouche, the commit to remove it, and the
reversal. That is to say that within the next 24 hours we stop
writing and responding in order to cool down.

There are only 7 weeks until the ABI freeze for glibc 2.28,
only 11 weeks until the release, and we owe our users the best
release possible.

I suggest that the cool down period on this topic last until 
August 1st, *after* we release glibc 2.28. Yes, this means the
2.28 release will include the text in the cartouche, but in this
community we don't need to rush things, and we follow consensus.

I know that this request may disappoint some of you. We should
not remove the abort() warning cartouche until we have consensus
again, and it should be well summarized. This community abides by
consensus rules, and consensus on this issue may take long enough
to tally that it may disrupt the release of 2.28, and for the sake
of our users we should not allow that to happen.

I suggest we all take the next ~11 weeks to cool down, reflect,
study, consult with others, and come back with ideas related to
both the abort() warning cartouche and project governance.

Please lend me your support by abiding by a cooling down period,
and preparing for a proper discussion after the cool down.

Please also lend me your support in making 2.28 the best glibc
release possible.


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