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setup crashes on certain packages.

Hi -

I have cygwin installed OK on my windows XP machine.  I installed from a local
directory after running wget to grab everything I thought I would need.  I
want to add perl to my cygwin environment, so I ran setup.exe again, watched
all the checksums go by, then selected perl in the package list and clicked
next.  Almost immediately, the cygwin setup window crashed.

The same thing happened when I tried to add python to my cygwin environment.
I also tried to add the base XFree86 packages and got the same result. 

Does anyone have any ideas?

The only thing I can think of is that I'm somehow missing something the setup
program needs.  I have a complete copy of everything starting at the cygwin
directory, except for the mail-archives.

This is the exact syntax of the wget command I ran to pull down my copy:

wget --passive-ftp --recursive --no-clobber --no-host-directories \
    --cut-dirs=2 -X/pub/cygwin/mail-archives -R '*-src.tar.bz2' \

Our work firewall+proxy setup made other install methods impossible for me.

Does anyone know what is going on?

Thanks for the help.

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