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tool2SeeIf inheritable parnt perms r allw'd 2 propgat 2 this dir?

<humor me 1 more time, won't post this again for months/thanx>


I'm looking for a free commandline tool (or scripting method)
to dump directory or file perms, that
will show whether a given directory object
will allow inheritable permissions from it's parent directory to propagate
on to itself.  You may view this setting as a check box in windows
explorer (properties>security).

More generally the tool should also dump any other new windows 2000
security settings (new w/r to windows nt) if there are other ones
I'm not aware of.

I've already looked at xcacls, showacls, dumpsec, setacl, cygwin getfacl.
I've also modified a USENET script that uses the perl Win32::Perms module
from David Roth; the script works fine but does not show the flag I need.

Tom Rodman 

  The Usenix perl script that I modified was called  You
  can pry it out of:

perl -e 'print unpack("u", "\.\=\$\!T\<F\]D\;6\%N\+F\-O\;0H\`");'

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