Chapter 7. References

This chapter enumerates other references for more information about SystemTap. Refer to these sources in the course of writing advanced probes and tapsets.
SystemTap Wiki
The SystemTap Wiki is a collection of links and articles related to the deployment, usage, and development of SystemTap. You can find it at
SystemTap Tutorial
Much of the content in this book comes from the SystemTap Tutorial. The SystemTap Tutorial is a more appropriate reference for users with intermediate to advanced knowledge of C++ and kernel development, and you can find it at
man stapprobes
The stapprobes(3stap) man page enumerates a variety of probe points supported by SystemTap, along with additional aliases defined by the SystemTap tapset library. The bottom part of the man page includes a list of other man pages enumerating similar probe points for specific system components, such as tapset::scsi, tapset::kprocess, tapset::signal, and so on.
man stapfuncs
The stapfuncs(3stap) man page enumerates numerous functions supported by the SystemTap tapset library, along with the prescribed syntax for each of them. Note, however, that it does not provide a complete list of all supported functions; there are more undocumented functions available.
SystemTap Tapset Reference Manual
The SystemTap Tapset Reference Manual describes the individual predefined functions and probe points of the tapsets in greater detail. You can find it at
SystemTap Language Reference
The SystemTap Language Reference is a comprehensive reference of SystemTap's language constructs and syntax. It is recommended for users with a rudimentary to intermediate knowledge of C++ and other similar programming languages, and is available to all users at
Tapset Developers Guide
Once you have sufficient proficiency in writing SystemTap scripts, you can try to write your own tapsets. The Tapset Developers Guide describes how to add functions to your tapset library.
Test Suite
The systemtap-testsuite package allows you to test the entire SystemTap toolchain without having to build it from source code. In addition, it also contains numerous examples of SystemTap scripts to study and test; some of these scripts are also documented in Chapter 5, Useful SystemTap Scripts.
By default, the example scripts included in systemtap-testsuite are located in the /usr/share/systemtap/testsuite/systemtap.examples/ directory.