SID Simulator User's Guide

Red Hat, Inc.

Table of Contents
Benefits of Using the SID Simulator
The Simulator Toolkit
About this Manual
SID Architecture
SID Configuration File
SID Component Library
Using SID
The SID Architecture
Component Types
Hardware Model Components
Software Model Components
Bridge Components
Special Function Components
Communication Between Components
System Organization
Main Loop, Schedulers
Peripherals, Memory Mapping
CPU, Monitor Emulation, Debugger Interface
Working with the SID Configuration File
The Configuration File Contents
Technical Notes
Creating a New Configuration File
Command Syntax
The load Command
The new Command
The connect-pin and disconnect-pin Commands
The connect-bus and disconnect-bus Commands
The set Command
The relate and unrelate Commands
Lexer Issues
How to Understand Component Reference Information
Finding Component Reference Information
Parts of the Component Documentation Template
SID Interface Reference
Using SID
Running SID
Direct invocation
Invocation through a wrapper
SID Startup
Creating an Application to Run on SID
Debugging Using SID
Using GDB