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[Bug releng/13768] New: systemtap.spec Requires should reflect current packaging

             Bug #: 13768
           Summary: systemtap.spec Requires should reflect current
           Product: systemtap
           Version: unspecified
            Status: NEW
          Severity: normal
          Priority: P2
         Component: releng
    Classification: Unclassified

The Requires and Buildrequires need to reflect the current packaging scheme.

<jistone> for one, gcc and make are part of the core build environment, so
  need buildrequires (per packaging guidelines) and systemtap-devel does need
  the real Requires to do anything useful
<fche> but not gcc-c++; that should go into buildrequires
<jistone> I doubt gcc-c++ too, checking...
<fche> hm, interesting; I had run yum-builddep systemtap before and ended up
  without gcc-c++ in the system 'no need' at least does not mean 'forbidden'
<jistone> yum-builddep doesn't account for that list I'm not sure actually if
  there's an easy way to install that list... some group perhaps
<fche> IMO let's leave at least gcc-c++ in the buildreq's (that's the only one
  I'd had problems with)
<fche> not requires: gcc-c++; we don't build c++ modules just gcc, make
<jistone> the testsuite probably wants gcc-c++ though
<fche> (and glibc-devel.i386 + glibc-devel.x86-64 ... if that were easily

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