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Re: Recent review of SystemTap test results on ARM running Fedora 15 hard float.

On 02/23/2012 01:06 PM, William Cohen wrote:

> I reviewed the SystemTap testsuite failures for Fedora 15 hard float running on ARM.  You can see the recent ARM test results in dejazilla at:

Here are some notes on certain tests:

> FAIL: ipaddr_IPv4_recvmsg find 'nc'
>       doesn't seem to find /usr/bin/nc, but nc rpm has been installed on machine

That's odd.  That test tries to find nc by running "which nc".  If that
succeeds, it assumes nc is there.  Does "which nc" find /usr/bin/nc and
return a 0 exit code?

> FAIL: vma_vdsodefault
>       vma_vdso.stp uses uaddr() which didn't work on arm.

Hmm, can you tell in systemtap.log what part of 'uaddr()' didn't work?


> FAIL: uprobeslibgcc-O3default-prelink-debug prelink ./
> FAIL: uprobeslibgcc-O3default-prelink-sep-debug prelink ./
> FAIL: uprobeslibgcc-O3default-prelink-sep-debug-after prelink ./
>       uprobes not available on arm

This is odd.  I would have thought the testsuite would have realized
this platform didn't have uprobes, and not run the test at all.  Which
.exp is this, exelib.exp?

> FAIL: buildok/syscalls-arch-detailed.stp
>       unable to probe syscall.sigaltstack.return
>       ARM doesn't have a sys_sigaltstack() function in the kernel.

That's PR13480.

> FAIL: buildok/tcp-all-probes.stp
> FAIL: buildok/tcp-detailed.stp
>       unable to get identifier '$optname' tapset/tcp.stp:369:27

Hmm, this one looks like a debuginfo problem.  Could you show me the
output of:

# stap -L 'kernel.function("tcp_setsockopt")

> FAIL: buildok/twentyeightprime.stp
>       CONFIG_UTRACE not available (seems like that should be UNTESTED)

Actually it should be KFAIL.  I'll fix this.

> FAIL: semok/thirtynine.stp
>       can't access identifier '$prev' at .../semok/thirtynine.stp:6:40

I'd guess this is a debuginfo problem.

> FAIL: systemtap.stress/current.stp compilation
>       can't probe kernel.function("__switch_to").call
>       need to adapt for arm

File a PR on this one.

> FAIL: unprivileged embedded C: no embedded C: --unprivileged: inet_get_ip_source(long)
> FAIL: unprivileged embedded C: no embedded C: --unprivileged: get_ip(long)

I've always been fuzzy on what exactly these errors mean.

David Smith
Red Hat
256.217.0141 (direct)
256.837.0057 (fax)

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