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Fedora 16 x86_64 systemtap live iso image

Hi All,

This past weekend some of us Red Hat people went to the Fedora User and Developer Conference (FUDCON) in Blacksburg, VA, .  While there I gave a workshop on using SystemTap. To make it easier for people and to avoid having people download many megabytes of kernel-debuginfo over wireless networks I made a Fedora 16 based live image for x86_64 for the workshop.  This image is available at:

The kickstart file, fedora-live-stap.ks, and other files used to create the liveimage are in:

As root rand the following 2 commands on an Fedora 15 machine to create the image:

setenforce 0
livecd-creator -v --cache=`pwd`/cache -t `pwd`/tmp \
--releasever=16 --config=fudcon12/fedora-live-stap.ks \
--logfile=fudcon12.log \
--fslabel=Fedora-16-x86_64-Live-stap >& output-20120109.log

I am thinking about submitting this (or some extension of it) for a fedora spin:

However, it might be too special purpose for its own spin. Maybe expand to it too performance tools.


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