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FYI: Test if Policy.implies(Permission) is called for domains with AllPermission

I found the following issue when trying to work out why OpenJDK
would only pass some permission checks to the Policy object and Classpath
VMs would pass them all, causing tests using gnu.testlet.TestSecurityManager
to fail.

It turns out OpenJDK doesn't bother to check the policy if the domain already
has AllPermission (as it obviously already has permission regardless of what
the policy says).  This adds a Mauve test to check for this behaviour.  I'm
also committing a patch to Classpath to implement this behaviour.

2010-12-24  Andrew John Hughes  <>

	* gnu/testlet/java/security/ProtectionDomain/
	Check if Policy.implies(Permission) is called if the
	protection domain is already known to have AllPermission.

Andrew :)

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