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FYI: set the classloader of the current context

I'm going to commit this patch.

We need to use the classloader of the current context, not the system classloader so that the test keeps working in contexts where a classloader other than the system classloader was used to load the test in the first place.

Mario Torre, Software Developer,
aicas Allerton Interworks Computer Automated Systems GmbH
Haid-und-Neu-Straße 18 * D-76131 Karlsruhe * Germany   * Tel: +49-721-663 968-44
pgp key: PGP Key ID: 80F240CF
Fingerprint: BA39 9666 94EC 8B73 27FA  FC7C 4086 63E3 80F2 40CF

USt-Id: DE216375633, Handelsregister HRB 109481, AG Mannheim
Geschäftsführer: Dr. James J. Hunt

Please, support open standards:

# This patch file was generated by NetBeans IDE
# This patch can be applied using context Tools: Apply Diff Patch action on respective folder.
# It uses platform neutral UTF-8 encoding.
# Above lines and this line are ignored by the patching process.
Index: mauve/ChangeLog
--- mauve/ChangeLog Base (1.2140)
+++ mauve/ChangeLog Locally Modified (Based On 1.2140)
@@ -1,3 +1,10 @@
+2009-07-08  Mario Torre  <>
+    * gnu/testlet/javax/imageio/spi/ServiceRegistry/lookupProviders:
+      Use the classloader of the current context, so that the test works
+      when classloader other than the system classloader was used to load the
+      test.
 2009-07-03  Mario Torre  <>
     * gnu/testlet/java/util/ArrayList/AcuniaArrayListTest:
Index: mauve/gnu/testlet/javax/imageio/spi/ServiceRegistry/
--- mauve/gnu/testlet/javax/imageio/spi/ServiceRegistry/ Base (1.1)
+++ mauve/gnu/testlet/javax/imageio/spi/ServiceRegistry/ Locally Modified (Based On 1.1)
@@ -229,6 +229,7 @@
     public CustomClassLoader(URL[] providerLists)
+      super(CustomClassLoader.class.getClassLoader());
       this.providerLists = providerLists;

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