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[builder] FYI: Add inverse JAPI runs for jdk14 and jdk15

This adds inverse runs (classpath-x as opposed to x-classpath) for
jdk14 and jdk15.  We really need to have OpenJDK 6 too.


2008-03-10 Andrew John Hughes <>

	* RunJapi: Add inverse runs for jdk14 and jdk15.

Andrew :)

Support Free Java!
Contribute to GNU Classpath and the OpenJDK
PGP Key: 94EFD9D8 (
Fingerprint = F8EF F1EA 401E 2E60 15FA  7927 142C 2591 94EF D9D8
Index: RunJapi
RCS file: /cvs/mauve/builder/scripts/RunJapi,v
retrieving revision 1.5
diff -u -3 -p -u -r1.5 RunJapi
--- RunJapi	3 Feb 2008 19:48:56 -0000	1.5
+++ RunJapi	10 Mar 2008 21:03:43 -0000
@@ -56,20 +56,28 @@ $JAPITOOLS/bin/japicompat -v -h -o jdk14
    -i jdk15.japi.gz \
    jdk14.japi.gz classpath.japi.gz
 $JAPITOOLS/bin/japicompat -v -h -o jdk15-classpath.html \
-   -i openjdk-b12.japi.gz \
    jdk15.japi.gz classpath.japi.gz
 $JAPITOOLS/bin/japicompat -v -h -o openjdk-classpath.html \
    openjdk-b12.japi.gz classpath.japi.gz
+$JAPITOOLS/bin/japicompat -v -h -o classpath-jdk14.html \
+   -i jdk15.japi.gz \
+   classpath.japi.gz jdk14.japi.gz
+$JAPITOOLS/bin/japicompat -v -h -o classpath-jdk15.html \
+   classpath.japi.gz jdk15.japi.gz
 $JAPITOOLS/bin/japicompat -v -h -o classpath-openjdk.html \
    classpath.japi.gz openjdk-b12.japi.gz
 $JAPITOOLS/bin/japicompat -v -h -o jdk14-libgcj.html \
    -i jdk15.japi.gz \
    jdk14.japi.gz libgcj.japi.gz
 $JAPITOOLS/bin/japicompat -v -h -o jdk15-libgcj.html \
-   -i openjdk-b12.japi.gz \
    jdk15.japi.gz libgcj.japi.gz
 $JAPITOOLS/bin/japicompat -v -h -o openjdk-libgcj.html \
    openjdk-b12.japi.gz libgcj.japi.gz
+$JAPITOOLS/bin/japicompat -v -h -o libgcj-jdk14.html \
+   -i jdk15.japi.gz \
+   libgcj.japi.gz jdk14.japi.gz
+$JAPITOOLS/bin/japicompat -v -h -o libgcj-jdk15.html \
+   libgcj.japi.gz jdk15.japi.gz
 $JAPITOOLS/bin/japicompat -v -h -o libgcj-openjdk.html \
    libgcj.japi.gz openjdk-b12.japi.gz
 $JAPITOOLS/bin/japicompat -v -h -o classpath-jikesrvm.html \
@@ -79,10 +87,14 @@ $JAPITOOLS/bin/japicompat -v -h -o class
 cp jdk14-classpath.html $WEB/
 cp jdk15-classpath.html $WEB/
 cp openjdk-classpath.html $WEB/
+cp classpath-jdk14.html $WEB/
+cp classpath-jdk15.html $WEB/
 cp classpath-openjdk.html $WEB/
 cp jdk14-libgcj.html $WEB/
 cp jdk15-libgcj.html $WEB/
 cp openjdk-libgcj.html $WEB/
+cp libgcj-jdk14.html $WEB/
+cp libgcj-jdk15.html $WEB/
 cp libgcj-openjdk.html $WEB/
 cp $ONExONE $WEB/
 cp $CSS $WEB/

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