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Re: FYI: Test Fix

Il giorno ven, 29/06/2007 alle 15.38 -0400, Tania Bento ha scritto:
> This patch fixes an incorrect test in
> 2007-06-29  Tania Bento  <>
>         * gnu/testlet/java/lang/Integer/
>         (test):  Fixed incorrect test.

Hi Tania!

You are breaking Classpath!! :P

With Classpath CVS and JDK 1.6:

prior to the patch:

PASS: (number 12)
PASS: (number 13)
PASS: (number 14)

after the patch:

FAIL: Leading '+' does not throw
NumberFormatException (number 0)
PASS: Leading '+' does not throw
NumberFormatException (number 1)
PASS: Leading '+' does not throw
NumberFormatException (number 2)

So the test is wrong somewhere. I know that the javadoc for java 7
states that '+' is a valid character, but I think this is too much a
work in progress to include it as a test, removing old tests, especially
if this ends up that current stable version fails, while development
snapshots (whose specs may change at any time) works. I would wait to
see that finalized, or just write a test specifically for IcedTea.

If you think there is a reason to break current behaviour ahead of time,
please, go further and don't listen to me, but in this case I guess that
a patch for classpath to fix it is needed too.

Of course, this is only my opinion.

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