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[builder] Add plugins, local-sockets, collections and qt-peer to default configure

Re: [cp-patches] Logger initialization regression fix and a little story on security contexts during class initialization

Re: [cp-patches] Logger initialization regression fix and a little story on security contexts during class initialization

[Fwd: [cp-patches] FYI: More PlainDocument.insertUpdate() tests]

[Fwd: Re: [cp-patches] FYI: Another DefaultStyledDocument ElementBuffer fix]

[Fwd: Re: [cp-testresults] FAIL: regressions for mauve-jamvm on Fri Feb 3 19:02:27 UTC 2006]

[Patch] InetSocketAddress.createUnresolved()

[Patch] Updated locale data tests

[Patch] updated test to check for CLDR 1.3

Additional Bidi tests.

builder StdBuild clean after install

builder: Added and updated scripts

ConvolveOp tests

Re: Don't pass null String to LayoutManager#addLayoutComponent(String, Component)

Don't pass null String to LayoutManager#addLayoutComponent(String, Component)

Exception line number fix

Failure/exception line number fix

RE: FilePermission symlink handling test

Fixed ComboBox tests

FIY: new tests for DecimalFormat

FIY: XPath commited

FYI [builder] push timeout to 3 minutes

FYI null Vector vs removeAll(null) and retainAll(null)

FYI/RFC: Interactive GUI tests for Mauve

FYI: BeanContextServicesSupport.getChildBeanContextServicesListener() - new test

FYI: Added a new test for JTextField

FYI: Added one more check for JCheckBoxMenuItem constructors

FYI: Added one more check in JButton's constructor tests

FYI: Another Constructor Regression test

FYI: BasicArrowButton 'focusable' test

FYI: Constructor Regression Test

FYI: JCheckBoxItem test

FYI: JMenu Constructor Test

FYI: JRadioButtonMenuItem 'focusable' test

FYI: JToggleButton 'focusable' test

FYI: tests

FYI: MenuShortcut

FYI: MetalScrollButton 'focusable' test

FYI: TextArea (new tests)

FYI: 6 more DefaultStyledDocument/ElementBuffer tests

FYI: a new JTAbbedPane test

FYI: Abstract/PlainDocument tests

FYI: AbstractButton subclasses - tests for model and UI delegate initialisation

FYI: AbstractButton.setHorizontal/VerticalAlignment() tests

FYI: AbstractButton.setRolloverEnabled()

FYI: AbstractButton.setRolloverIcon - new test

FYI: AccessController.getContext() checks

FYI: AccessController.getContext() checks extended

FYI: AccessibleJInternalFrame - new tests

FYI: AccessibleJLabel - new test

FYI: AccessibleJListChild.getFont

FYI: AccessibleJTableHeader tests

FYI: Add a missing java.lang.Thread throwpoint test

FYI: Add extra Class.newInstance() checks

FYI: Add getClassLoader() check for bootstrap classes

FYI: Add new logging.Level.parse() test

FYI: Add test for class loading management bean

FYI: Add test for removing a bean from a context

FYI: Added comments on ClassLoader exploit testlet

FYI: added explicit constructor to avoid interpretation of its visibility

FYI: Added futher test to HTTPURLConnection.fileNotFound test

FYI: Added new tag for tests in gnu.* namespace

FYI: Added test to gnu/testlet/java/net/URLConnection/

FYI: Additional DocFlavor mimetype parsing tests

FYI: Additional mimetype parsing tests for DocFlavor

FYI: Another FilePermission test

FYI: Another JLayeredPane test

FYI: Another New ScrollPane Test

FYI: another plaindocument.insertstring test

FYI: Another Socket throwpoint check tweak

FYI: Another throwpoint check

FYI: AttributedCharacterIterator - new tests

FYI: AttributedCharacterIterator/AttributedString - new tests

FYI: BasicArrowButton test updates

FYI: BasicButtonUI.defaultTextIconGap test updated to 1.5

FYI: BasicComboBoxUI test fixes

FYI: BasicComboBoxUI.getPreferredSize()

FYI: BasicHTML.isHTMLString() test

FYI: BasicRootPaneUI test

FYI: BasicScrollBarUI tests

FYI: batch_run, runner and choose-classes fixlets

FYI: BeanContextSupport - new tests

FYI: BeanContextSupport.getChildBeanContextChild() test

FYI: BeanContextSupport.serialize() - new test

FYI: BeanContextSupport.setDesignTime() - new test

FYI: BeanContextSupport.toArray() - new test

FYI: BufferedImage constructor tests

FYI: BufferedImage defaults

FYI: ButtonGroup tests

FYI: Calendar.getInstance() - new checks

FYI: CardLayout tests

FYI: changes to all the ElementBuffer tests

FYI: Character block tests and updates to beancontext patch

FYI: Check for correct exceptions for TestOfCipherEngineInit

FYI: CheckboxGroup test

FYI: ClassLoader throwpoint tests

FYI: Cleanup DoubleSetterTest message

FYI: Cleanup of the javax.swing.text tests

FYI: coerceData tests

FYI: Collections.sort() - new test

FYI: Collections.unmodifiableMap() - new tests

FYI: Color

FYI: ColorModel constructor tests

FYI: Combo box mouseclicks

FYI: Comment fixes

FYI: complete ImageInputStreamImpl test

FYI: Component.getLocationOnScreen() test

FYI: Component.repaint() test

FYI: Component.setComponentOrientation() and Container.applyComponentOrientation() tests

FYI: Component.setMin/Max/PreferredSize() tests

FYI: Component.setName() - new test

FYI: ComponentSampleModel - new tests

FYI: ComponentSampleModel - test updates

FYI: CompoundBorder

FYI: configure option name change

FYI: ConvolveOp - new tests

FYI: DecimalFormat update

FYI: DefaultBoundedRangeModel test updates

FYI: DefaultButtonModel tests

FYI: DefaultButtonModel.setSelected update

FYI: DefaultComboBoxModel.removeElement test updated

FYI: DefaultListCellRenderer.getListCellRendererComponent() test

FYI: DefaultListSelectionModel - new tests

FYI: DefaultListSelectionModel.setLeadSelectionIndex() test updated

FYI: DefaultMetalTheme - added checks for 'swing.boldMetal' setting

FYI: DefaultMutableTreeNode tests

FYI: DefaultTableColumnModel test updates

FYI: DefaultTreeCellRenderer tests

FYI: Directory as resource tests

Re: FYI: ElementBuffer test

FYI: Even more SocketPermission tests

FYI: exception handling in proxies

FYI: Excessive Thread and ThreadGroup security tests

FYI: Expanded ColorConvertOp tests

FYI: Extra ComboBox test

FYI: Extra SocketPermission argument test

FYI: few tests update.

FYI: few updates

FYI: FileDialog graphics test

FYI: FilePermission symlink handling test

FYI: fix DefaultComboBoxModel.setSelectedItem test

FYI: Fix File.deleteOnExit() throwpoint check

FYI: Fix for InstantiateChild test

FYI: Fix for Runtime.exec() security checks

FYI: fix for Utilities.getTabbedTextOffset test

FYI: fix for Utilities.getTabbedTextOffset test and new test

FYI: Fix JTree.isRowSelected() test

FYI: Fix RunnerProcess.removeSecurityManager()

FYI: Fixed BasicScrollBarUI tests

FYI: Fixed comment in StrictMath tests

FYI: Fixed SocketTest to test for ConnectException

FYI: fixed test tag in ProxySerializationTest

FYI: fixed TitledBorder tests

Re: FYI: Fixed typo

FYI: GapContent test fix

FYI: GapContent tests

FYI: GapContent.insertString - corrected test

FYI: GConf Preference test small update

FYI: getHeaderFields test fixlet and new tests

FYI: GetName test for java.awt Classes


FYI: Graphics.clearRect test

FYI: Graphics2D.setTransform() test

FYI: GregorianCalendar test for months with 6 weeks

FYI: Harness.TimeoutWatcher should handly Object.wait(timeout) early return.

FYI: Image op tests

FYI: ImageGraphicAttribute tests

FYI: ImageInputStreamImpl test

FYI: Improve stack trace output a little

FYI: Improved SocketPermission implies tests

FYI: InetAddress throwpoint comment fixes

FYI: InternalFrameEvent tests

FYI: - test fix

FYI: java.awt.image.ColorConvertOp

FYI: java.awt.Menu.insert() - new test

FYI: java.beans.DesignMode - new test

FYI: java.lang.Runtime exec() throwpoint tests fix

FYI: java.lang.Runtime throwpoint tests

FYI: java.lang.StrictMath.expm1 new test

FYI: java.lang.System throwpoint tests

FYI: java.lang.Thread throwpoint tests

FYI: java.lang.ThreadGroup throwpoint tests

FYI: javax.swing.event.SwingPropertyChangeSupport - small test fixes

FYI: javax.swing.text.GapContent.remove - added test

FYI: javax.swing.text.PlainDocument - new tests

FYI: javax.swing.text.Segment - new tests

FYI: - new tests

FYI: javax.swing.text.StyleConstants - new tests

FYI: javax.swing.text.Utilities.getTabbedTextOffset() test

FYI: javax.swing.UIManager test fixes

FYI: JCheckBox 'focusable' test

FYI: JComboBox tests

FYI: JComboBox.setEditor() test fix

FYI: JComponent - 2 new tests

FYI: JComponent - new tests

FYI: JComponent.getInputMap() tests

FYI: JComponent.getListeners() - new check

FYI: JComponent/VetoableChangeSupport

FYI: JFrame test

FYI: JInternalFrame - new tests

FYI: JInternalFrame tests fixed

FYI: JInternalFrame.setSelected fixlet

FYI: JLabel - new tests

FYI: JLabel tests

FYI: JLabel.setDisplayedMnemonic() tests

FYI: JLabel.setDisplayedMnemonic() tests updated

FYI: JList.getInputMap() tests

FYI: JList.setLayoutOrientation() test

FYI: JMenuBar - new tests

FYI: JProgressBar - new tests

FYI: JRadioButton 'focusable' test

FYI: JScrollBar - new tests

FYI: JScrollBar and JSplitPane - getActionMap() tests

FYI: JScrollPane.getActionMap() test

FYI: JSpinner tests

FYI: JSpinner.DateEditor - new tests

FYI: JSpinner.DefaultEditor - new tests

FYI: JSpinner.ListEditor - new tests

FYI: JSpinner.ListEditor.getModel() test fixed

FYI: JSpinner.NumberEditor - new tests

FYI: JSplitPane - new tests

FYI: JTable

FYI: JTable - new tests

FYI: JTable and SizeSequence - new tests

FYI: JTable.getAccessibleContext() - new test

FYI: JTable.getCellRect() - additional checks

FYI: JToolTip - new tests

FYI: Kernel.constructor() test update

FYI: - new tests

FYI: keyPress new test


FYI: ListDataEvent - new tests

FYI: Little cleanup

FYI: LookupOp tests

FYI: LookupTable test fix

FYI: Make Harness sleep a little

FYI: Mauve goes JUnit

FYI: Mauve patch to test for bug #27435

FYI: Mauve tests for java.beans.beancontext

FYI: MenuBarBorder/ToolBarBorder test fixes

FYI: MetalBorders - small test updates

FYI: MetalComboBoxEditor tests updated

FYI: MetalComboBoxUI test fixes

FYI: MetalFileChooserUI test fixes

FYI: MetalFileChooserUI.getPreferredSize()

FYI: MetalIconFactory tests

FYI: MetalLookAndFeel - small test fixes

FYI: MetalLookAndFeel test updates

FYI: MetalLookAndFeel.getDefaults() test updated

FYI: MetalRadioButtonUI test fixes

FYI: MetalScrollBarUI - additional checks

FYI: Minor cleanups

FYI: Minor File throwpoint tests cleanup

FYI: Minor fix for Thread insecurity checks

FYI: Monster throwpoint checks refactoring

FYI: More DefaultStyledDocument tests

FYI: More Graphics2D tests

FYI: More java.awt.image.* tests

FYI: More java.lang.System throwpoint tests

FYI: More JComponent tests

FYI: More JInternalFrame tests

FYI: More JTable constructor tests

FYI: More Scrollbar tests

FYI: More SocketPermission tests

FYI: More TableColumn tests

FYI: More tests for DefaultMutableTreeNode

FYI: More tests for java.awt.image.*

FYI: more Utilities tests

FYI: More ZoneView tests

FYI: MultiPixelPackedSampleModel - new tests

FYI: MultiPixelPackedSampleModel.createDataBuffer() test updated

FYI: MyJInternalFrame, MyJLabel, MyJToolTip - fixed tags

FYI: NetworkInterface tests

FYI: new AbstractDocument test

FYI: New AccessibleContext test

FYI: New AccessibleJLabel tests

FYI: New BasicListUI test

FYI: New BasicOptionPaneUI

FYI: New BeanContextSupport tests

FYI: New Calendar tests

FYI: New CardLayout tests

FYI: New Choice test

FYI: New ClassLoader.loadClass() tests

FYI: New Collection.toString() test

FYI: New ComponentEvent test

FYI: New CompoundBorder Test

FYI: New Container test

FYI: new Container.getComponentAt class

FYI: New Container.getPreferredSize test

FYI: New DataFlavor tests

FYI: New DecimalFormat tests

FYI: new DecimalFormat tests

FYI: New DefaultFormatter test

Re: FYI: New DefaultStyledDocument.ElementBuffer test

FYI: New DefaultTableCellRenderer tests

FYI: new direct buffer test

FYI: New DnD test

FYI: New Dnd test

FYI: New DnD Test

FYI: New DnD test

FYI: New DropTarget and DragSource tests

FYI: New ElementBuffer test

FYI: New FlowLayout test

FYI: New FlowView test

FYI: new GapContent.insertString test

FYI: New GregorianCalendar test

FYI: New GridBagLayout test

FYI: New Hashtable test

FYI: New HttpURLConnection test...

FYI: New ImageIO read/write tests

FYI: New InputMap tests

FYI: New Iterator ConcurrentModificationException test

FYI: New javax.swing tests

FYI: New JComponent.putClientProperty() test

FYI: New JInternalFrame test

FYI: New JInternalFrame tests

FYI: New JLayeredPane test

FYI: New JLayeredPane tests

FYI: New JSlider Test

FYI: New JSplitPane / UI tests

FYI: new JSSE tests

FYI: New JTextField test

FYI: New JTree test

FYI: New JTree.isRowSelected() test

FYI: New KeyboardFocusManager tests

FYI: New Leaf/Branch Element tests

Re: FYI: New Lightweight tests

FYI: new Menu and MenuBar tests

FYI: New regex UnicodeSimpleCategory test

FYI: New RootLayout test

FYI: new ScrollPane test

FYI: New ScrollPane Tests

FYI: New ScrollPaneAjustable test

FYI: New ScrollPaneLayout test

FYI: New Security Engine getInstance Test

FYI: New StrictMath.tanh test

FYI: New test -- java/net/URLConnection/getRequestProperties

FYI: New test for BasicPermission

FYI: New test for Cipher init behaviour

FYI: New test for Component's invalidate()

FYI: New test for DocFlavor

FYI: New test for HTTP timeouts

FYI: New test for java.awt.Window

FYI: New test for javax.print.attribute.standard.MediaSize

FYI: New test for JTextField.

FYI: New test for request properties in HttpURLConnection

FYI: new test for TransferHandler

FYI: New test on special method handling on proxy

FYI: new test Utilities.getPreviousWord

FYI: New test.

FYI: New test: java/net/HttpURLConnection/reuseConnection

FYI: New TestOfCipherInit test

FYI: New TestOfSecretKeySpec

FYI: new tests for addImpl

FYI: New tests for DecimalFormat

FYI: new tests for DecimalFormat.format

FYI: New tests for HttpURLConnection

FYI: New TextArea tests

FYI: New TextComponent test

FYI: New TextHitInfo tests

FYI: New ToolTipManager regression test

FYI: New TransferHandler test

FYI: New URL test.

FYI: New VariableHeightLayoutCache test

FYI: New Vector tests

FYI: New View tests

FYI: New ViewportLayout test

FYI: New XPath Test

FYI: New ZoneView tests

FYI: OceanTheme.addCustomEntriesToTable() - new test


FYI: PixelGrabber test

FYI: PKITS tests.

FYI: PlainDocument remove - new test

FYI: PlainDocument.insertString test - cleanups and more tests

FYI: PlainDocument.insertUpdate() test

FYI: Point.setLocation() additional checks

FYI: Polygon.getPathIterator() test

FYI: PR#27311 test

FYI: PR27343 (lack of side effect in Calandar.setTimeZone) regression test

Re: FYI: PR27343 compilation fix

FYI: PR27362 regression test about Calendar.clear(int) swallowing pending changes

FYI: Preference test update

FYI: proxy behaviour test with interception

FYI: Raster child checks

FYI: Raster.createChild checks

FYI: Rectangle constructor tests1

FYI: Rectangle.setRect() test updated

FYI: Rectangle2D.getBounds

FYI: Reinstate SRCDIR

FYI: Remove debug code

FYI: remove trailing chars from FAIL lines

FYI: Remove unnecessary test security manager workaround

FYI: Removed InetAddress tests

FYI: Removed unused stuff from ThreadGroup insecurity checks

FYI: RescaleOp fixlet

FYI: RescaleOp tests

FYI: Rewrite some HttpURLConnection tests.

FYI: SampleModel - new tests

FYI: Scrollbar tests

FYI: ScrollPane.setLayout test

FYI: Selector test for empty selects

FYI: serialization related tests

FYI: Serialization throwpoint tests

FYI: SimpleAttributeSet.containsAttribute() update

FYI: SimpleBeanInfo tests

FYI: SinglePixelPackedSampleModel - extended test

FYI: SizeSequence - new tests

FYI: Small builder cleanups

FYI: small fixes for GapContent tests

FYI: small fixlet for harness to allow gij testing

FYI: small Makefile change

FYI: Socket and ServerSocket throwpoint check tweaks

FYI: SocketPermission action check tests

FYI: SocketPermission argument tests bugfix

FYI: SocketPermission argument tests tweak

FYI: SocketPermission constructor tests

FYI: SocketPermission ports tests

FYI: SocketPermission serialization tests

FYI: SocketPermission tweak

FYI: SocketPermission unquoted IPv6 address tests

FYI: SocketPermission.implies() tweaks

FYI: Some AccessibleJTable tests

FYI: Some Frame MenuBar tests

FYI: some new BitSet tests

FYI: some new DecimalFormat tests

FYI: some tests for SimpleAttributeSet

FYI: Some UIManager tests

FYI: SpinnerDateModel - additional checks

FYI: SpinnerNumberModel - extra checks

FYI: SpinnerNumberModel/SpinnerDateModel new tests

FYI: StrictMath tests, test NaN return value

FYI: StrictMath.cosh new test, cbrt update

FYI: StrictMath.sinh new test

FYI: Swing key mapping tests

FYI: SwingUtilities.calculateInnerArea() - new test

FYI: tests...

FYI: SwingUtilities.layoutCompoundLabel test fix

FYI: TableColumn test enhancements

FYI: TableColumn.setMaxWidth() test enhanced

FYI: TableColumn.setResizable test enhanced

FYI: TableColumn.sizeWidthToFit() - new test

FYI: TabSet and TabStop - new tests

FYI: test for DecimalFormat.format(BigInteger)

FYI: test for PR27651 (TreePath.isDescendant)

FYI: test for PR27864

FYI: Test on serialization back references

FYI: Test security manager fix

FYI: Test security manager new feature

FYI: Test security manager refactoring

FYI: TestJPEGHuffmanTable

FYI: testlet about package definition by the boot classloader

FYI: TestLogicalFontMetrics

FYI: TestPaintGraphics

FYI: Tests for array use and class name instantiation in bean contexts

FYI: Tests for new javax.print.SimpleDoc class

FYI: Tests for new management beans

FYI: TestSecurityManager enhancement

FYI: TextAction/augmentList() order doesn't matter

FYI: TextArea and TextField constructors - new tests

FYI: TextArea.constructors - minor fix

FYI: TextComponent test

FYI: Throwpoint checks for java.awt.Graphics2D

FYI: Throwpoint checks for java.awt.Robot

FYI: Throwpoint checks for java.awt.Toolkit

FYI: Throwpoint checks for java.awt.Window

FYI: Throwpoint checks for java.lang.reflect.AccessibleObject

FYI: Throwpoint checks for

FYI: Throwpoint checks for

FYI: Throwpoint checks for

FYI: Throwpoint checks for

FYI: Throwpoint checks for

FYI: Throwpoint checks for

FYI: Throwpoint checks for

FYI: Tidied java.lang.Thread throwpoint tests

FYi: TimerWatcher race fix

FYI: tiny extra tests on unmodifiableMap linked to PR 27128

FYI: TitledBorder tests - minor fix

FYI: TreeSelectionEvent tests

FYI: Tweaked throwpoint checks for

FYI: UIManager.getUI() - minor change

FYI: Update to TestOfCipherEngineInit

FYI: Updated java.lang.Thread throwpoint tests

FYI: Updated java.lang.ThreadGroup throwpoint tests

FYI: URLClassLoader test fixed and addition

Harness addition, System.err handling is back

Harness bug fixes

Harness debug statement removed

Harness fix

Harness fixlet

Harness patch - do not try to compile dependencies if given '-compile no'

Harness patch to allow code coverage

Harness tweak

Harness update - look for "Uses" and "not-a-test" tags

Harness XML output improvements

Image Op tests fix

JDWP filter test cases

JList setValueIsAdjusting() and setVisibleRowCount() tests

JRootPane test

List test update

Logger initialization regression fix and a little story on security contexts during class initialization

mauve build fix for VisualTestlet



More not-a-test marking

new -vmarg option to Harness

New BigDecimal.compareTo tests

New Component tests

New DecimalFormat tests

new FileDialog and Dialog tests

new Harness with compilation capabilities

Re: new Harness with compilation capabilities (FIX inline)

New Harness, version 1

New JLabel test

New Logger.getParent() test

New ServerSocket AcceptTimeout test

New test for EditorPane.setText()

New TextField tests

New URLTest

Patch: JButton constructor tests

Patch: Container addImpl additional checks

Patch: DefaultStyledDocument tests

Patch: DnDTest addition

Patch: DnDTest fix

Patch: ElementBuffer test

PATCH: fix gnu/testlet/java/lang/Class/security for very lazy VMs

Patch: Fixed typo

Patch: FYI: add another newInstance test

Patch: FYI: add missing Uses

Patch: FYI: add ulp tests

Patch: FYI: Bidi tests

Patch: FYI: modPow test

Patch: FYI: new reflection tests

Patch: FYI: new test for URLStreamHandler

Patch: FYI: numeric shaper test

Patch: FYI: PR 24461 test case

Patch: FYI: PR 28658 test

Patch: FYI: PR 29178 test

Patch: FYI: simple URLConnection test

Patch: FYI: test case for PR 28486

Patch: FYI: test for chaining oddity

Patch: FYI: test for PR 26971

Patch: FYI: test for PR 27189

Patch: FYI: TestJPEGImageReadParam

Patch: FYI: TestJPEGImageWriteParam

Patch: FYI: TestJPEGQTable

Patch: FYI: update a test's debug output

Patch: FYI: update eclipse builder

Patch: FYI: update IdentityHashMap test

Patch: GapContent PositionTest

Patch: initComponentDefaults fix

Patch: LightweightContainer fix

Patch: MetalLookAndFeel fixes

Patch: misleading output "PASS: Error: ..."

Patch: More ElementBuffer tests

Patch: New AWT widget painting tests

Patch: New BorderLayout test

Patch: New DefaultStyledDocument.ElementBuffer test

Patch: New DragSourceContext Test

Patch: New Lightweight tests

Patch: RFC: not-a-test

Re: Patch: setting Double.MAX_VALUE as Double into double primitive setter through Method.invoke

Re: Patch: setting Double.MAX_VALUE as Double into double primitive setter through Method.invoke

Patch: setting Double.MAX_VALUE as Double into double primitive setter through Method.invoke

Patch: ShapeGraphicAttribute test

Patch: TestPanelRepaint fix

Patch: TestPanelRepaint new class

Patch: XML-reports incomplete (in case of check(Object,Object))

photoshop e AutoCAD

PR#27343 test

Proposed test on serialization back references

Reformat of some files

remove SimpleTestHarness

RFA JDWP Event Filter Tests

RFA JDWP TestOfClassExcludeFilter

RFA JDWP TestOfClassExcludeFilter(fixed)

RFA JDWP TestOfClassMatchFilter

RFA JDWP TestOfClassOnlyFilter

RFA JDWP TestOfCountFilter

RFC: add "not-a-test" tag to several tests

RFC: Add -vmextra switch

Re: RFC: Add -vmprefix switch -- committed

RFC: Additional NIO tests.

RFC: Harness with no busy-waiting

Re: RFC: HTTPTestServer

RFC: HTTPTestServer (was: Re: FYI: New tests for HttpURLConnection)

RFC: JDWP filter tests

RFC: JMenuBar tests

RFC: new mauve test

RFC: remove old harness

RFC: simple preference api test

RFC: Test for java.lang.StrictMath#cbrt

RFC: update in batch_run

runFinalization in Classloader.initialize doesn't run on cacao

RunnerProcess ignore abstract classes

Running Mauve tests with JUnit

small Harness improvement .. auto-detect bootclasspath

small Makefile patch

UUID tests.

Re: UUID tests. oops

XPath test still not commited?

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