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Re: RFC: add "not-a-test" tag to several tests

Mark Wielaard wrote:
On Mon, 2006-06-26 at 12:40 -0400, Thomas Fitzsimmons wrote:
Mark Wielaard wrote:
They make it possible to use
RunnerProcess just as you could use SimpleTestHarness (e.g. echo
gnu.testlet.some.test | runtime RunnerProcess) by just returning when
stdin is empty (and in.readLine() returns null).
This can already be done using the current Harness:

jamvm Harness gnu.testlet.some.test

Harness also supports specifying multiple tests:

jamvm Harness gnu/testlet/java/awt/Frame/ gnu/testlet/javax/swing/JTable/

I know, but that is a terrible way for debugging. Hunting down a crasher bug for example is really, really awkward using the Harness since it does way too many things. When examining tests (especially under gdb) for debugging you need to be able to run them just through the RunnerProcess to make sure you are looking at just the thing that fails. It works nicely with that one-liner patch though, so it isn't really another way to run tests, it is just to make sure you can run the tests by hand as if the Harness would run them.

Why don't we just print the VM command-line invocation as part of Harness's output? Then you could simply copy-n-paste that to gdb --args.


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