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Harness XML output improvements

This patch improves the XML output from the Harness to be as verbose as
the standard output.  Includes line numbers for passes and fails, and
stack traces for uncaught exceptions.

2006-06-19  Anthony Balkissoon  <>

	(lastFailureMessage): New field.
	(runtest): Strip the "gnu.testlet" from the name passed to the 
	TestResult.  Also use the new 3 parameter TestResult.addException to 
	pass the stack trace to the TestResult.  Properly indent the stack 
	trace when printing exception details.
	(getStackTraceString): New method.
	(fail): Get the description from check2 and add the full failure 
	string to the TestResult.
	(check(Object, Object)): Likewise.
	(check(boolean, boolean)): Likewise.
	(check(int, int)): Likewise.
	(check(long, long)): Likewise.
	(check(boolean)): Likewise.
	(check2): Return the description.  Do not add the failure description 
	to the TestResult here, do it in the individual check() methods so that
	a full description can be added. Use the new TestResult.addPass(String)
	method instead of the old no argument method.
	(writeXML): Do not write the passCount value, write the passes as well
	as the fails, and write the stack traces for exceptions. Properly 
	indent the xml.
	(passCount): Removed this field.
	(passMessages): New field.
	(exceptionReason): New field.
	(addPass): Now takes in a String argument, acts just like addFail(). 
	Descriptions are taken in for passes as well as fails.
	(addException): Now takes 3 arguments instead of 2, the new argument is
	the stack trace for the exception.
	(getPassCount): Returns the size of the passMessages ArrayList.
	(getPassMessages): New method.
	(getExceptionReason): Likewise.


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