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Re: JDWP filter test cases

Tom Tromey wrote:
"Kyle" == Kyle Galloway <> writes:

Kyle> I have coded up some test cases for two of the JDWP filters(more to Kyle> come). I would appreciate it if someone would review and commit.

So, these are unit tests for parts of the classpath jdwp

You do need to add "Tags" comments to the new files.

I think it is fine to do this, even a good thing :-).  However I'd
like Keith to weigh in on his preferred testing approach.

Yes, I definitely think this is a right step. I've spoken to Kyle about it already, but, alas, I didn't know there was a mauve-patches list!

In any case, it has always been my intent to add unit tests for the various generic classes, like events, "exceptions"/errors, filters, and so on. Especially the filters, since those are rather strictly defined. At one time, I actually did have tests for several of these things (including VMIdManager, EventManager, and more), but I think I lost most of that when my hard drive went south last year. Or I misplaced it (in the trash) by mistake. I don't remember any more. :-(

Since we can't really do much more with classpath alone, we would need to do more functional testing from the VM side, and this is where I have to figure out how proceed. Right now I have my own little Itcl testing suite that I use. We'll have to discuss how to either integrate it or implement something similar. [My Itcl app is actually more a debugging tool than testing. It will dump packets and the like, too, for example.]


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