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RE: runFinalization in Classloader.initialize doesn't run on cacao

Olivier Jolly wrote:
>   while wandering around with Classloaders, I found that the teslet
> wasn't running 
> with Cacao.
> It seems that in the beginning of the test method, it creates an
> anonymous Classloader and then call System.gc() and
> System.runFinalization() and expects the finalizer to be ran to set a
> singleton like variable holder.
>   While this is ok in jamvm and sun jre 1.5.0, cacao doesn't run the
> finalizer since runFinalization only gives a hint and not a mandatory
> order, so it is compliant.
>   My question is whether I'm missing something and this way of doing
> brings something in this test or it could be rewritten in a 
> simpler way, more compliant with the various jvm.

I'm obviously not aware of an easier (or more robust) way to do this, or
I would have used it. However, this is a very important test (from a
security pov), so it has to be in. If Cacao can't or won't support
System.runFinalization(), I suggest skipping this test.


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