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Re: Patch: New Lightweight tests

Hi Lillian,

I wonder if these methods should really be added to TestHarness, they seem a little too "specialised" to me (especially the rectangle corner color tests), and it would be nice to keep TestHarness as simple as possible. Maybe you could create a utility class in* that contains static methods that perform these checks? Then you could share that between your Frame and Container tests.



Lillian Angel wrote:

On Tue, 2006-02-21 at 18:52 -0500, Lillian Angel wrote:

I added new tests for Lightweight Containers.

I forgot to mention, I added some new methods to TestHarness. These methods are helpful for testing locations on the screen when using Lightweight/Heavyweight widgets. It made sense to add these to TestHarness, since they are used in Frame and Container.

2006-02-21 Lillian Angel <>

       * gnu/testlet/
       (checkColor): New method used to compare colors.
       (checkRectangleOuterColors): New method used to compare the
       colors of a rectangle's corners to the colors of the pixels
       surrounding the corners.
       (checkRectangleCornerColors): New method used to compare
       the colors of the pixels at the corners of a rectangle, to
       a given color.
       * gnu/testlet/java/awt/Container/
       New Test.
       * gnu/testlet/java/awt/Frame/
       (checkColor): Removed.
       (test): Changed to use new methods in TestHarness.

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