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Re: Patch: New Lightweight tests

Hi Lillian,

I have some comments regarding the TestHarness change:

+  /**
+   * Compares two colors.
+   * 
+   * @param a -
+   *          Color to compare
+   * @param b -
+   *          Color to compare
+   * @param match -
+   *          True if colors should be equivalent.
+   */
+  public void checkColor(Color a, Color b, boolean match)
+  {
+    if (match)
+      check(a.getRed() == b.getRed() && a.getGreen() == b.getGreen()
+            && a.getBlue() == b.getBlue());
+    else
+      check(!(a.getRed() == b.getRed() && a.getGreen() == b.getGreen() 
+          && a.getBlue() == b.getBlue()));
+  }

I don't understand the point here. Why not use check(color1, color2)?
This would use equals() which also compares the rgb values (or whatever
the color value is made up of). The match parameter is also hard to
understand, it effectivle negates the result? check(!
color1.equals(color2)) ?

+   * This method checks the pixel colors of a Rectangle's corners
+   * 
+   * @param r -
+   *          The Robot to use to get the pixel colors.

I don't know if we have rules for this in Mauve, but in Classpath we
would have a period after corners and the @param comment written without
the '-', without the capital T and without period. For API comments we
basically adopted Sun's rules:

Anyway, this is only a very minor nitpick, and I don't know what the
rules are in Mauve anyway or if we even have some, I only say it here so
you keep it in mind in future classpath hacking :-)


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