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Re: FYI: MetalComboBoxUI test fixes

Hi Roman,

Roman Kennke wrote:

Hi David,

This patch brings these tests in line with JDK 1.5, and cleans up any custom look and feel settings at the end of each test:

thanks for fixing up all those tests for JDK1.5. Awesome work.


No problem. I'm about done for now, there still remain a few failures, see this report:

Would it be possible to create such reports on a regular basis? Maybe we
could install it on or something?

Yes, I'm working towards that. I'm attempting to create a version of the report that shows the JDK1.5 and GNU Classpath results side by side, split into four sections:

(1) Pass on both runtimes;
(2) Fail on GNU Classpath, pass on JDK1.5 (we have bugs to fix);
(3) Pass on GNU Classpath, fail on JDK1.5 (Sun has bugs to fix - ideally I'd like to get the Sun bug ID tagged on these fails, but we should also double check that the test is not faulty);
(4) Fail on both - in this case, we should look closely at the tests;

Some of these I believe are real bugs in the JDK, for example the failure in javax.swing.text.GapContent and the 5 failures in DefaultMutableTreeNode.

I have looked into the GapContent failure and I am quite certain that
this is no bug. I have sent a separate email for that one. I will also
look at the other failures now. We should really look very hard at such
failures, often times this is only a misinterpretation of the specs and
the JDK is actually right.

I think the GapContent failure really is a bug in the JDK (I replied to your other e-mail). And I did look hard at the DefaultMutableTreeNode tests and I'm confident the tests match the specs for those 5 failures too.

The JTable failures I wasn't so sure about, the API spec is too incomplete - do you know any other sources of info for this?

I normally refer to the OReilly Swing book, both editions (they are quite different in some areas, while the 2nd edition covers 1.4, it seems they cut out lots of the details that can be found in the 1st edition). The Sun press JFC books are also very valueable. Anthony and Lillian lately found that the Swing connection also has loads of interesting articles that complement the API specs:

Thanks. I have the O'Reilly Swing book (must be first edition because it doesn't have anything about 1.4).



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