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2nd URI test

Re: [cp-patches] FYI: New GapContent test

Re: [cp-patches] Re: Bug in getEncoding testcase

[Fwd: [cp-patches] FYI: New GapContent test]

[Fwd: FYI: New tests for JSplitPane]

[Fwd: FYI: some JComboBox tests]

[Jacks] RFA: Update jacks.html

[verify] FYI: new tests for lazy verification

Another new test for JEditorPane

Arnulfo Waller

Fix to some calendar tests (Locale issues)

Further tests

FYI: (Still) More tests for DefaultStyledDocument

FYI: AbstractButton.setRolloverEnabled()

FYI: Added test for JComponent.getPreferredSize()

FYI: Added test to gnu.testlet.javax.print.attribute.ResolutionSyntax

FYI: added tool for test coverage

FYI: addition to DefaultStyledDocument test

FYI: additions to DefaultStyledDocument test

FYI: additions to recent JSplitPane tests

FYI: Also, throwpoint test for

FYI: AttributedCharacterIterator/AttributedString

FYI: BasicButtonUI tests

FYI: BasicComboBoxEditor new tests

FYI: BasicComboBoxUI - updated tests

FYI: BasicComboBoxUI tests

FYI: BasicFileChooserUI

FYI: BasicFileChooserUI.getApproveButtonText()

FYI: BasicIconFactory tests

FYI: BasicInternalFrameTitlePane action tests

Re: FYI: BasicLookAndFeel initComponentDefaults

FYI: BasicLookAndFeel.initComponentDefaults()

FYI: BasicScrollBarUI tests

FYI: BasicSeparatorUI tests

FYI: BorderLayout tests

FYI: BoxLayout tests

FYI: Catch unexpected permission check exceptions

FYI: Component.getForeground()

FYI: DefaultComboBoxModel tests

FYI: DefaultComboBoxModel.addElement()

FYI: DefaultComboBoxModel.setSelectedItem

FYI: DefaultTableColumnModel.getColumnMargin

FYI: Even more throwpoint tests for

FYI: File.listRoots() test reenabled

FYI: FileSystemView.getFileSystemView()

FYI: FileView tests

FYI: fixed bug with testlet name extraction under Windows

FYI: for windows users, renamed Color->ColorClass, Event->EventClassand Font->FontClass

Re: FYI: for windows users, renamed Color->ColorClass,Event->EventClass and Font->FontClass

FYI: getPropertyPrefix() tests

FYI: gnu.testlet.runner.Mauve

FYI: java.awt.AlphaComposite tests

FYI: java.awt.Component.getListeners() - new tests

FYI: java.awt.Container.getListeners()

FYI: java.awt.image.ConvolveOp new tests

FYI: javax.swing.border.TitledBorder new tests

FYI: javax.swing.JMenuItem constructor tests

FYI: JComboBox model test

FYI: JComboBox new tests

FYI: JComboBox.setPrototypeDisplayValue

FYI: JComponent.getListeners()

FYI: JComponent.putClientProperty

FYI: JComponent.setMaximumSize()

FYI: JComponent.setMinimumSize()

FYI: JComponent.setPreferredSize()

FYI: JFileChooser tests

FYI: JFileChooser.changeToParentDirectory()

FYI: JLabel constructor

FYI: JRootPane tests

FYI: JScrollBar constructors - new tests

FYI: JScrollPane

FYI: JTree.setModel test

FYI: marked some classes 'not-a-test'

FYI: MetalBorders.getDesktopIconBorder()

FYI: MetalBorders.ToolBarBorder

FYI: MetalButtonUI tests

FYI: MetalCheckBoxUI.getPropertyPrefix() test

FYI: MetalComboBoxButton - additional checks

FYI: MetalComboBoxEditor - new test

FYI: MetalComboBoxEditor tests

FYI: MetalComboBoxIcon

FYI: MetalComboBoxIcon tests

FYI: MetalComboBoxUI - new tests

FYI: MetalFileChooserUI tests

FYI: MetalIconFactory

FYI: MetalIconFactory tests

FYI: MetalIconFactory.PaletteCloseIcon

FYI: MetalLookAndFeel / 'Button.margin'

FYI: MetalLookAndFeel.getDefaults()

FYI: MetalScrollBarUI tests

FYI: MetalScrollButton

FYI: MetalToggleButtonUI

FYI: MetalToolTipUI

FYI: More DefaultStyledDocument tests

FYI: more getPropertyPrefix tests for UI delegates

FYI: more new tests

FYI: more tests for MetalBorders

FYI: More throwpoint tests for{In,Out}putStream


FYI: New AbstractButton test

FYI: New BoxLayout test

FYI: new checks for javax.swing.table.TableColumn

FYI: New Component test

FYI: New Container test

FYI: New Container tests

FYI: New DefaultListSelectionModel tests

FYI: New ElementBuffer test

FYI: New ElementBuffer tests

FYI: new ElementChange test for AbstractDocument

FYI: New java.lang.SecurityManager tests

FYI: new java.util.Calendar testcase

FYI: New JCheckBox test

FYI: New JComponent test

FYI: New JComponent tests

FYI: New JLabel test

FYI: New JLabel tests

FYI: New JLayeredPane test

FYI: new JList tests

FYI: New JTable tests

FYI: New JViewport test

FYI: new MetalBorders tests

FYI: New RepaintManager test

FYI: New SizeRequirements test

FYI: New test (was: Patch: New test

FYI: New Test File.emptyFile

FYI: New test for AttributeSet

FYI: new test for BasicIconFactory.getCheckBoxMenuItemIcon()

FYI: New test for DefaultStyledDocument

FYI: New test for InternationalFormatter

FYI: new test for JComponent.getFont()

FYI: New test for JComponent.getPreferredSize

FYI: New test javax.print.attribute.AttributeSetUtilities

FYI: New tests for AbstractDocument

FYI: New tests for AccessibleJList

FYI: new tests for BasicArrowButton

FYI: new tests for BasicLookAndFeel.initSystemColorDefaults

FYI: new tests for BasicSliderUI

FYI: New tests for gnu/testlet/javax/print/attribute/SetOfIntegerSyntax

FYI: New tests for javax.print.attribute.EnumSyntax

FYI: New tests for JFormattedTextField

FYI: New tests for new class

FYI: New tests gnu.testlet.javax.print.attribute.ResolutionSyntax

FYI: New tests gnu.testlet.javax.print.attribute.Size2DSyntax

FYI: New tests gnu.testlet.javax.print.attribute.TextSyntax

FYI: New textfield tests

FYI: New top-level container tests

FYI: New UIManager test

FYI: New ViewportLayout test

FYI: Reformatted gnu/testlet/javax/print/attribute/SetOfIntegerSyntax/

FYI: Security tests for

FYI: Some JComponent tests

FYI: Started anotating security manager tests

FYI: SwingPropertyChangeSupport.firePropertyChange()

FYI: SwingUtilities.layoutCompoundLabel tests

FYI: Test Security.setProperty("foo", null)

FYI: TestLookAndFeel

FYI: tests for BasicLookAndFeel.initComponentDefaults()

FYI: tests for MetalLookAndFeel.initComponentDefaults()

FYI: Throwpoint test for

FYI: Throwpoint tests for java.lang.Class

FYI: UIDefaults.getBoolean()

FYI: updates for MetalLookAndFeel tests

FYI: ViewportLayout test fixlet tests


gnu/testlet/javax/swing/DefaultListModel: Fix missing tags

java.text.NumberFormat test for UK locale

java.text.SimpleDateFormat cloning test

More calendar-test fixes

New BitSet test committed.

New File(URI) test

New test for BorderLayout

New test for BoxLayout

New test for BoxView

New test for JEditorPane

New test for JPanel

New test for JTextArea

Patch for Windows users

Patch: additions to JFormattedTextField tests

Patch: BasicLookAndFeel initComponentDefaults

Patch: BasicLookAndFeel initComponentDefaults additions

Patch: batch_run, runner and GUI improvements

Patch: CharsetEncoder flush/encode test

Patch: DatagramSocket.bind test

Patch: FYI: New test exposing a NPE injava.awt.image.SampleModel.getPixels

Patch: FYI: New test for jar: URLs with fragments

Patch: FYI: New test forjava.text.AttributedStringIterator.runLimit

Patch: FYI: PR 20273 test case

Patch: initComponentDefaults updated

Patch: reports error for unsupportedextended charsets

Patch: More BufferedInputStream tests.

Patch: new Component test

Patch: new Frame test

Patch: New action tests

Patch: New serialization tests

Patch: New Test File.getParent

Patch: New test

Patch: Regex test cases for possessive quantifiers (PRlibgcj/20435)

Patch: StyledEditorKit test

png-suite test patch

RenderingHints.get() - small addition

RFC: fix for URLTest

Serialization: parent readResolve tests

SimpleDateFormat cloning patch

SimpleDateFormat localization

SimpleDateFormat parsing test to check regression of bug #11583

Tests for bound properties in java.awt.Component

Two more not-a-tests

Unicode test fix.


URLTest addition

Weak/phantom test "fixes"

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