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Re: Patch: New Test File.getParent


On Sun, 2005-11-06 at 21:55 +0000, David Gilbert wrote:
> Maybe this method needs to be added to the interface, and then I will 
> implement it in gnu.testlet.runner.Mauve.  Or perhaps the original idea 
> was that a test harness should implement both TestHarness *and* 
> gnu.testlet.config?  I don't know, perhaps Mark has an idea...

Wow, I never realized this. And most of the framework code is from
1998/1999 before I joined the Mauve project. It looks like the config
interface methods should have been added to the abstract TestHarness
class as default methods and not to the SimpleTestHarness. Since this is
easy to do I am testing a patch now that I will post to the list as soon
as I have internet access again.

Probably the original design was that tests would just use the public
static final fields from the config interface directly and this was
later refactored to include accessor methods.



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