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Re: Patch: New Test File.getParent

Hi Mark, David,

David Gilbert wrote:
Mark Wielaard wrote:
Why do you have the following check at the start of the test?

SimpleTestHarness testharness = null;
try {
testharness = (SimpleTestHarness) harness;
} catch (ClassCastException cce)
{ ("Harness not an instance of SimpleTestHarness");

I couldn't find anything in your test that needs anything not in the
TestHarness interface.

I have this from the test for and its needed or used to get the actual source directory where mauve is executed as this is the absolute path of the empty file.

See test:
String srcdirstr = testharness.getSourceDirectory();

Yes, please write tests to the TestHarness interface only. This matters, for example, in the Mauve test report that I run:

...because it is generated using gnu.testlet.runner.Mauve, and not SimpleTestHarness. So if your test class checks for SimpleTestHarness, it will have to be excluded from the Mauve report, which would be a shame.

I assume this is the cause why your test results are quite different than mine. For me only 2 test fail in and some are not executed due to one of the two failures. So only 124 tests are run instead of 141, whereas for your test (linked on the GNU classpath homepage) only 44 passed and 18 failed.

New tests in Mauve are always appreciated, so thanks for your efforts!

No problem. As you both a much more experienced - any clues how I can get this directory used in my test and the jdk11 test without this trick ?


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