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Re: FYI: for windows users, renamed Color->ColorClass,Event->EventClass and Font->FontClass

Hi Fabien,

On Fri, 2005-09-30 at 23:41 +0200, Fabien DUMINY wrote:
> 2005-09-30  Fabien DUMINY  <>
>     * for Windows users: renamed gnu/testlet/java/awt/Color to 
> gnu/testlet/java/awt/ColorClass
>     * for Windows users: renamed gnu/testlet/java/awt/Event to 
> gnu/testlet/java/awt/EventClass
>     * for Windows users: renamed gnu/testlet/java/awt/Font to 
> gnu/testlet/java/awt/FontClass
> Sorry, I forgot to create the patch before committing. Now, I don't see 
> how to do.

No worries, the patch is obvious.
Thanks for picking this up and creating the fixes.

Normally you can do a cvs status some/file and get the current revision
number, then you would do:

  cvs diff -u -r <revisionnumber>-1 -r<revisionnumber> some/file

But when moving files it becomes messy (CVS doesn't support renaming).

BTW. nitpick. Normally the ChangeLog is written as follows:

2005-09-30  Fabien DUMINY  <>

	* gnu/testlet/java/awt/Color: Renamed to
	* gnu/testlet/java/awt/Event: Renamed to
	* gnu/testlet/java/awt/Font: Renamed to

So after the * you mention the files that changed, then a : with what
changed. But again, this isn't a very hard rule and not really something
to worry about here. Just mentioned it so you know what the conventions



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