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Re: [Jacks] RFA: Update jacks.html

On 22 Sep 2005 09:45:08 -0600, Tom Tromey <> wrote:
> Ranjit>   The Jacks test suite includes a "jacks.html" that is now
> Ranjit> quite out-of-date. This patch attempts to correct that.
> Ranjit> OK?
> Sure.  Feel free to make updates using your best judgement.

Thanks, I've installed the updated jacks.html.

> Ranjit> 2. The updated "jacks.html" should be put somewhere on the
> Ranjit> Mauve website so that it is publicly accessible.
> Yes.  Checkins to the htdocs cvs module are automatically mirrored on
> the web site.  So ... could you do this?

I've created a redirecting "jacks.html" that points to the in-CVS
"jacks.html". The URL is

To make this work with the linked-to images and other documents,
I've had to add "?cvsroot=mauve" to the local links - it doesn't
make a difference while viewing the file from local disc, but it
helps show the image and other referred-to documents correctly
while accessing via cvsweb.

It's a bit ugly, but I didn't want us to have to modify two separate
pages every time we updated "jacks.html" and other documents.
Let me know if this is not kosher.


Ranjit Mathew      Email: rmathew AT gmail DOT com

Bangalore, INDIA.    Web:

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