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[Jacks] RFA: Update jacks.html

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  The Jacks test suite includes a "jacks.html" that is now
quite out-of-date. This patch attempts to correct that.


I note two things:

1. The "jacks" top-level script explicitly refers to tclsh8.4,
while the stated requirements are that only Tcl 8.3 or better
is required. Why can't this be just "tclsh" instead of having
a hard-coded version?

2. The updated "jacks.html" should be put somewhere on the
Mauve website so that it is publicly accessible.


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Ranjit Mathew       Email: rmathew AT gmail DOT com

Bangalore, INDIA.     Web:

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Index: ChangeLog
from  Ranjit Mathew  <>

	* jacks.html: Mention that Jacks is now a part of Mauve. Refer to
	JLS3 instead of JLS2. Update CVS access information. Update link
	for Jikes. Refer to the mauve-discuss mailing list for discussing

Index: jacks.html
--- jacks.html	2005-09-21 20:03:37.000000000 +0530
+++ jacks.html	2005-09-21 20:21:09.000000000 +0530
@@ -47,8 +47,10 @@ find at least one bug in any supported J
 compiler, in fact it may find more than one.
 Jacks is not designed to test a Java runtime
 (JVM) or Java class libraries. The
-<A HREF="";>Mauve</A>
-project already aims to do that.
+<A HREF="";>Mauve</A>
+project already aims to do that. From October 2004,
+the Mauve project now also incorporates the Jacks
+test suite.
@@ -70,14 +72,14 @@ The layout of
 directories in the Jacks test suite
 mimics chapters from the JLS.<br>
-The Java Language Specification Version 2 can be found at:
+The Java Language Specification Version 3 can be found at:
-<A HREF="";>
+<A HREF="";>
@@ -127,12 +129,12 @@ fetched like so:
-setenv CVSROOT
+setenv CVSROOT
 cvs login
-paswsd anoncvs
+passwd anoncvs
-cvs checkout jacks
+cvs -z 9 checkout jacks
@@ -144,9 +146,9 @@ where you have installed each of the com
 you intend to use. A setup file exists for each supported
 compiler. For example, if you want to run tests with
 the jikes compiler, you would need to edit
-the jikes_setup configuration file so that includes
+the <code>jikes_setup</code> configuration file so that includes
 the path name where your jikes compiler is installed.
-You may also want to set the CLASSPATH that will
+You may also want to set the <code>CLASSPATH</code> that will
 be used for the tests and the optional path name
 of the Java runtime to use for runtime tests. You
 can add any number of configuration files. To
@@ -155,9 +157,9 @@ the setup file for that configuration.
-javac_setup (JDK 1.2 or 1.3, JDK 1.1 is discouraged)
+javac_setup (JDK 1.2, 1.3, 1.4 or 1.5, JDK 1.1 is discouraged)
-jikes_setup (<A HREF="";>Jikes Project</A>)
+jikes_setup (<A HREF="";>Jikes Project</A>)
 kaffe_setup (<A HREF="";>Kaffe Project</A>
 uses the
@@ -345,9 +347,8 @@ test that apply to a given JLS section.
 <A NAME="MAIL"><H3>Jacks mailing list</H3></A>
 You are welcome to join the
-<A HREF="";>
-Jacks mailing list</A>
-and discuss anything related to the Jacks test-suite.
+<A HREF="";><code>mauve-discuss</code></A>
+mailing list and discuss anything related to the Jacks test-suite.

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