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UK NumberFormat tests

Attached are is an initial test case for java.util.NumberFormat.
With Classpath, it immediately shows up a bug: broken handling of long
arguments.  Currency formatting is also now broken, due to Michael's recent changes
to the locales; although he's done some excellent work in getting the locale
stuff actually usable, we've (temporarily) lost the currency symbols, so
everything is now in dollars.  

All this really needs, minimally, is something to convert
international currency codes into symbols.  For a true conformant implementation,
the representation of each locale, respective of every other, needs to be known
(see java.util.Currency).

The current test looks at the UK locale (so I could check the answers mentally without
having to rely on either the test or the library classes).  Really, we should be
able to generate tests of this style from the locale data.

Changelog entry:

2004-12-19  Andrew John Hughes  <>

	* gnu/testlet/java/text/NumberFormat/
	Added simple tests for normal, integer, currency and percentage
	instances for the UK locale.

Andrew :-)

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