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Re: DataBuffer constructors


On Fri, 2004-08-27 at 14:57, David Gilbert wrote:
> I'll update all the DataBuffer constructor tests and resubmit them.


> A much more general question that this case raises for me, though:  when
> something isn't specified, does it cause any trouble to write checks
> based on the actual behaviour of Sun's implementation?

Writing tests for things that are not specified and only happen to work
with one implementation isn't that useful imho. I would try to find at
least documentation about the behavior from articles or books real
programmers use or a (important free software) program/library that
depends on certain (unspecified) behavior. There are lots of things for
which we don't have tests yet which are specified exactly which are
probably more important to write detailed tests for at the moment
anyway. Adn there is always the chance that the unspecified behavior
gets reimplemented differently in a later release.



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