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Re: DataBuffer constructors


On Fri, 2004-08-27 at 01:35, David Gilbert wrote:
> The consequences of using null arguments in these constructors are not
> specified anywhere.  Classpath and JDK 1.4 appear to be consistent with
> each other except in the DataBufferUShort class.  In the tests I'm
> submitting, this shows up as 2 failures in Classpath, but without a
> clear spec the tests could just as easily be reversed to show failures
> in Sun's implementation.
> Anyone have any guidance on how this should be treated in Mauve?

Nasty. As a matter of style I like the behavior of the DataBufferUShort
constructor. Fail fast when you get a null bank since obviously the
DataBuffer isn't useful anyway. But the fact that not all DataBuffers do
this consistently is bad.

What I would do is to test that if you construct a concrete DataBuffer
with a null bank and then try to getElem() on it you must get a
NullPointerException. And in the test you don't care if when it is
precisely thrown:

    boolean pass = false;
      DataBufferShort b1 = new DataBufferShort((short[]) null, 1, 0);
      int ignore = b1.getElem(0);
    catch (NullPointerException e)
      pass = true;

Since the important thing to test is that you don't get garbage



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