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Re: java.lang.Thread.priority patch


On the face of it, your patch looks harmless, because it won't break any
JDK compatible implementation of Java.  However, I don't think it should
be applied.  My reasoning is as follows:

1)  The purpose of Mauve is to provide an open source test suite
    for conformance of Java implementations for the relevant standards.
    The ultimate aim is to help portability of Java applications across
    as wide a range of Java implementations.

2)  Since we cannot compare Mauve with Sun's JCP test suites, our
    "gold standard" for conformance is what the Sun JDK's do, and
    the Sun javadocs say.

3)  The Sun JDKs and javadocs define the value of Thread.MAX_PRIORITY
    to be 10.  There is a clear implication that a Thread instance cannot 
    have a priority greater than the value of MAX_PRIORITY.
4)  While it is arguably wrong for a programmer to assume MAX_PRIORITY
    is 10, it would be quite reasonable to assume that priorities are
    never greater than MAX_PRIORITY ... and code Java applications to
    rely on this fact.

5)  If the Mauve test suite were to say that priorities > MAX_PRIORITY
    are "conformant", we might be doing programmers a disservice by
    not pointing out portability issues with certain Java implementations.

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