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Re: RFC: Adding support for a new tag to a Mauve test tool

Andii Hughes wrote:
> On Jan 13, 2012 11:55 AM, "Pavel Tisnovsky" <
> <>> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> I'd like to add support for a new tag to a Mauve test tool. This tag
> is named "CompileOptions:"
>> and could be used to add specific command line options passed to a
> compiler (it's different
>> behavior from changing compiler options globally).
>> Usage (in the test - btw: its compatible with ECJ and OpenJDK too):
>> // Tags: CompileOptions: -source 1.4
>> or just:
>> // CompileOptions: -source 1.4
>> because the "Tags:" prefix is not checked (it's true for other tags
> too - I'm not sure if its
>> a bug or a feature of Mauve test tool :-).
>> Unified diff for is stored in an attachment.
>> Could anybody look at this change please?
> I've no objection to the change as it stands, but I seem to remember
> there already being support for handling different Java versions (at
> least, I remember writing versions in comments).  Have you checked there
> isn't already a way of doing this?

Hi Andrew,

partially yes, it's possible to specify target JDK version in a tag.
For example:
// Tags: JDK1.4

(and I'm glad this tag exists due to changes in standard API)

But this tag is not used by the Harness tool itself. It's supported only
by Ant-related tool which can select (filter/grep) only the tests
with specified JDK versions and compile/run them. But even if the test
is select by this Ant-tool, there's no way (AFAIK) how to specify
command line flags passed to the compiler. But in some (minor) cases
it's useful to be able to specify -source, -target, -bootclasspath or
something similar.

Btw: The mentioned Ant-tool (or are such thing called "plugin"?) is stored
in mauve/gnu/anttask

>> Thank you in advance,
>> Pavel

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