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Re: version of java for the sources ?

Hi Fabien,

On Thu, 2008-11-13 at 06:56 +0100, Fabien DUMINY wrote:
> Can I use Java 5 features in mauve sources (the core part, not the 
> testlet part) ?

We do normally try to not be too fancy in mauve, just because there are
still some older vms and compilers out there. So if you can avoid using
these newer language constructs that would be appreciated.

> Here are the changes I am currently finalizing :
> - an XML report reader/writer
> - a comparator of 2 XML reports (to show regressions/progressions in 
> both html or plain text)
> - some non-JNode-specific minor changes that were needed to make mauve 
> usable in JNode
> - removing gnu.testlet.runner.XMLGenerator : that class is empty and I 
> am not modifying/using it

Very nice!

If it is hard to avoid the jdk5 langauge features and you can contain
them to just the XML generation part then we could probably just make
them optional in case someone needs a "plain old mauve without bells".

> - add nanoxml lite (licence zlib/libpng) by copying the 2 files 
> (XMLElement, XMLParseException) from icedtea

That should be fine. But please do make sure to prominently document
where they came from and how to update them to upstream versions in the
future if necessary.



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