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Re: "I'm Sun. Can I use the Mauve Project's testsuite?"

David> Reviewing the license headers I found an instance of the Common Public 
David> License in a properties file.

David> mauve//gnu/testlet/java/util/zip/InflaterInputStream/

David> I don't know yet if this will be a problem.  The policy says I have to 
David> tell the lawyers about this other license ....soooooo...  Hm, I also 
David> found a file under the Apache license and that the CORBA tests were 
David> imported from elsewhere and are under either LGPL or GPL.

Yeah, I guess it is a mish-mash.  Personally I wouldn't be averse to
just deleting selected tests if it makes life simpler.

Supposedly I added that zip test.  I don't remember doing it :)

For the CORBA tests, email Audrius.  He should be able to tell you
exactly where they came from; or it may be in the Mauve list archives.

David> I really just wanted to send you an email with that question from your 
David> FAQ because it's such a cool question for me to ask. 


The Mauve web site is hilariously un-updated.  It still mentions
getting CVS from Cyclic.


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