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Re: "I'm Sun. Can I use the Mauve Project's testsuite?"

David Herron wrote:
Hi, I'm getting ready to request permission to officially use Mauve in-house on OpenJDK testing.

Reviewing the license headers I found an instance of the Common Public License in a properties file.


I don't know yet if this will be a problem. The policy says I have to tell the lawyers about this other license ....soooooo... Hm, I also found a file under the Apache license and that the CORBA tests were imported from elsewhere and are under either LGPL or GPL.

Then there is:
mauve//gnu/testlet/java/util/regex/Pattern/ /** Regex test suites from adapted from PCRE ( */

But that's just the BSD license.
We've been flexible with the licensing because, among other things, we're not distributing binaries.
I really just wanted to send you an email with that question from your FAQ because it's such a cool question for me to ask.

Indeed! I've been waiting years to hear it!

(I really need to update that page..)

Anthony Green

- David Herron

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