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Re: Tweaking default java.awt.Robot settings

Looks good, I tested it out and committed it for you:

2007-10-03 Steve McKay <>

* gnu/testlet/java/awt/Component/ Fixed test so
event is not created and dispatched. Completely waits for the frame to
receive and respond keypress events.


Steve McKayâ wrote:
Here's a patch for the test. Everything seems to be working well. I
haven't looked through the other tests yet to see how this might be

On 9/25/07, Steve McKayâ <> wrote:

Even after you've ensured that the frame has responded, subsequent checks will
still need to be synchronized, since Robot calls are not synchronous.
That was just a code snippet to demonstrate how to solve one part of
the problem. The code that does the actual testing is synchronized on
the lock as well. But like I said, there were liveness issues. I'll
try to work those out. Still, I can't honestly say that I'd want to go
through the same amount of effort for every test involving Robot, so
this change is sorta speculative rather than practical.

Steve McKay <>

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