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Re: Tweaking default java.awt.Robot settings

Lillian Angel wrote:
David Herron wrote:
[resending because the mailing list thingy told me I had to use only plain text messages...]

Hmmm.. here's the meat of the test

public void runTest(int code, char chr)
KeyEvent e = new KeyEvent(f, KeyEvent.KEY_PRESSED, 0, 0, code, chr, KeyEvent.KEY_LOCATION_STANDARD);
r.mouseMove(60, 60);

   h.check(key, (int) chr);

I don't understand this. If you're going to create a Java event why use Robot, or vice versa...?

The test was done this way to determine if the right key was pressed. See the inner class (myFrame) which has 1 function (keyDown) which sets a variable (key) to the key that was pressed.

While it might be incorrect, I am unsure how else we can determine that the correct key was pressed without dispatching an event.


Maybe I misread the code in my brief look.

The side effect of using Robot to keyPress and keyRelease should be the dispatch of two KeyEvent's. That's why I said those two lines should go, because the way I read it they're masking whether Robot successfully delivered the KeyEvent's.

- David Herron

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