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Re: Tweaking default java.awt.Robot settings


I think David's suggestion was better, so I'll work that up instead of
the autoDelay changes I proposed.


On 9/25/07, Thomas Fitzsimmons <> wrote:
> Steve McKayâ wrote:
> > Hi All,
> >
> > I've noticed that at least some of the tests using java.awt.Robot are
> > non-deterministic due to lags is the underlying window system. The
> > java.awt.Component.keyPressTest, for example, fails some of the time
> > (on linux, windows, linux+wine, ...). It looks like enabling
> > autoWaitForIdle (waits for the awt EventQueue to be empty before
> > adding new events to the queue), and setting autoDelay (pauses for an
> > arbitrary period of time) to some magic number of millis well above
> > zero (I use 100) significantly reduces failures. Would anyone object
> > to configuring the Robot with settings like this by default?
> No objections here, that sounds like a good idea.  When you say "significantly
> reduces failures", does that mean some non-deterministic failures persist with
> the new auto* settings?
> Tom

Steve McKay <>

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